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A Message from the Governor

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Congratulations on your Retirement, Dr. Sam Ray

Thank you for your dedicated service to the North Sanpete School District

Sam Ray Retirement 1

Sam Ray Retirement 2

Sam Ray Retirement 3

Sam Ray Retirement 4

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NSSD COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan
UPDATED 4/15/2020

  1. Governor / Health Department directions:
    1. Symptomatic students / employees will NOT be allowed at school / work. Student and/or employees (over 60) with high risk medical conditions in their immediate family need to stay home.
    2. School dismissal / closure will be directed by state and county health department guidelines.
    3. All Utah public schools will be dismissed beginning Monday 3/16/2020 through the remainder of the school year.
      1. Dismissal means school will not be held and students will not attend class.
      2. No student busing will be provided after 3/16/2020 until further notice.
      3. Students needing to pick-up an iPad or learning material, need to contact their school

  2. Cleaning Plan for NSSD Schools
    1. Extensive deep cleaning has been done at each school.
    2. Prior to reopening, each school will be cleaned again.

  3. During the dismissal, online instruction (will start Wednesday 3/18/2020) & may include:
    1. Online use of Canvas, ALEKS, Nearpod, Google Drive, IXL, FlipGrid, Odysseyware, Lexia, i-Ready, Wonders, GoMath, EPIC, NEWS ELA, WebEx, Sumdog, Zoom, etc.
    2. Students may access lessons via home internet (Centracom is offering free internet to homes with K-12 students during this pandemic). Students may also sit (in a car) near a local school, use HawkSpot(s), link to cellular phone hotspot (*parent will be responsible for personal data), share internet with neighbors, etc.
    3. Each district school will post a learning plan, on their school website through May 22nd.  Students have also been prepared by their teachers for the following:
      1. Secondary schools will utilize Canvas or other delivery systems listed above through student assigned 1:1 devices. Teachers will submit a lesson or activity every regularly scheduled class period.  Students will  receive instruction online, and complete / submit assignments.
      2. Upper Elementary students (4-6) will utilize Google Classroom (or another app listed above).  Students may be issued an iPad (1 per family) to take home if needed.  Teacher will submit lessons or activities daily.  Students will access instruction online and complete / submit assignments as needed.
      3. Lower Elementary students (PreK-3) may utilize online resources listed above.  Students may take home an iPad (1 per family) if needed.  Teachers will record lessons and post daily activities for students.

  4. School Nutrition – Information provided by Utah State Board of Education
    1. Grab & Go (breakfast / lunch) will be provided at the elementary nearest your home. Buses will deliver meals to Chester, Wales, Milburn, Indianola, etc.
    2. See the COVID-19 Resources Tab on our NSSD website or your local school website for meal pick-up schedule.
    3. Students will NOT be able to eat meals on campus.

  5. Students and employees that are sick need to stay home when possible
    1. Students / employees will not be penalized for absences 3/16 - 5/22/2020, however students refusing to complete assignments will not receive credit & employees refusing work assignments will not be paid.
    2. Employees (including hourly) that are sick, over 60, or have high risk health conditions (that cannot work from home) may use paid sick leave (3/16 - 5/22/2020) as needed when they are unable to work.  Coordinate early and often with supervisor. See sick leave policy IV-33 for details.
    3. Salaried employees, working from home during a school dismissal will be paid as usual.
    4. Some essential functions may only be accomplished at the work site. 
    5. During dismissal, schools will schedule hourly employees as needed (possible for other duties). Hourly employees will be paid regular hours / rate (3/16 - 5/22/2020) as long as they work from home, come in when requested or are approved by their supervisor for sick leave. 
    6. Employees and students need to follow Central Utah Health Department guidelines to reduce exposure.
    7. Contract employees may use regular  personal / vacation days during dismissal.

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We are in the middle of winter season and students are in close proximity to each other. As a reminder, please keep your child at home if they have signs of influenza, a cold, gastroenteritis or "stomach flu", pink eye, or strep. To prevent widespread of any virus in the school, we recommend that your child stay home if experiencing any symptoms. To decide whether or not to send your child to school, please consider the following guidelines:

I Need to Stay Home Illness Chart

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Stacey Peterson Rural Principal Award Picture
Congratulations to the Utah Association of Elementary School Principals (UAESP) Rural Principal of the Year, Stacey Peterson! Stacey received this well-deserved award at the Elementary Principal Conference in St. George on Thursday, February 13th.

Stacey is the principal of Moroni Elementary. She has been the principal for nine years, since 2011.  She worked as an instructional coach and a media specialist for six years before becoming a principal in North Sanpete School District. Prior to working in North Sanpete, Stacey was a district media specialist in Jordan District and taught third grade at Alta View Elementary.

Creative efforts by Stacey and her team helped to raise achievement levels at Moroni Elementary. With a high economically disadvantaged population and a second language challenge, the school has struggled in the past. This past year, as dual immersion is reaching the upper grades, Moroni Elementary has greatly improved academically, showing double digit growth in academic areas and showing even higher growth with their lowest 25% and English Learner populations. Stacey not only sends her teachers to the best training available in the state and out of state, she also teaches the ESL Endorsement classes at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. She trains paraprofessionals and other classified staff to meet the needs of her students. Stacey was key in expanding the district preschool to serve more economically disadvantaged students. She also applied for and was awarded funding to implement full-day kindergarten, which has netted significant gains in academic performance. She is always willing to do what is needed, even when it is hard. Moroni Elementary is a great school because of Stacey Peterson!

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