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I hope that the past week was a healthy and positive break for you and your family.  The next 40 days of school will be filled with sunshine, outside events, competitions, performances, dances, and graduation.  This time with our students will also include state assessments and the finalization of student work.  I ask that you remain steady with your family schedule; keeping healthy habits and communicating with your student’s teachers if you have questions or concerns.  This will help us finish strong. 

Later today we will be sending you a survey link for the Utah School Climate Survey.  The survey includes questions about your student’s learning, school safety, and interpersonal relationships, as well as your attitudes about the institutional environment and your personal involvement in school. Your responses will be very helpful in improving student relationships, learning conditions, and the overall school environment.  The deadline to complete the survey is April 16th.

The NSHS Drama Department has been preparing for their annual musical, Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  We are fortunate that this year’s performances will be live and in person!  The performances will begin Wednesday, April 7th and runs until Saturday, April 10th @ 7 PM. There is also a matinee on Saturday, April 10th @ 1 PM.  Tickets are $8 general admission, $7 students/seniors or $25 for a family pass (up to 4).  As with all school activities, masks are required for audience members.

Our educators have many opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills.  Teachers go back to college to obtain a masters, develop new skills or to earn endorsements in various academic areas.  This is true for those teachers that are seeking training in administration.  There are actually many of our teachers that have this master’s degree and certification.  Principals rely on those individuals to assist when needed and their skills have invaluable influence in our schools.  I want to acknowledge all of our dedicated educators that step up and seek opportunities to develop new skills and support each other when needed.  In our district, we have one official assistant principal, Natalie Stansfield.  Her work at the high school is essential and this year has been a particularly challenging experience.  This week is National Assistant Principal Week.  If you see Natalie….please thank her!

While House Bill 294 ends the statewide mask requirements in MOST places on April 10th, the K-12 school mask requirement ends on June 15. (HB294 also allows mask requirements for group gatherings of 50 or more people until July 1).  Local officials, like a school board or county council, do NOT have legal authority to end the school mask requirements before June 15.  Keep in mind that a vaccination is NOT a condition of mask requirements in schools; meaning, vaccinated teachers and students MUST still continue to wear a mask while at school, on school property, or riding a school bus. 

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