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It seems that our winter has arrived late this year.  We certainly need the moisture, but it does make our driving and outdoor activities a bit interesting.  Thank you for taking caution while out on the roads and keeping our children safe. 

The Governor continues to require masks in our schools despite the rumors that this has changed for us.  I have included the latest information from the State at the end of this email.

Good things are happening in our district.  I do not normally get the chance to share the work that takes place behind the scenes.  Administrators, teachers and instructional coaches collaborate regularly throughout the weeks and months of a school year.  This is necessary in order meet the needs of all students and to progress as professionals.  Part of the work of our instructional coaches is creating and sharing information to support instruction in the classroom.  I have included a link to their latest newsletter and to the website that supports their work.  We are just getting started and hope that our teaching and learning initiatives continue to grow and develop. 

Instructional Coaching:  https://sites.google.com/nsanpete.org/coaching
Coaches' Corner:  https://www.smore.com/v8q5c-coaches-corner?ref=email

The members of the Student Support Team wanted to make you all aware of a great resource that will be coming to our school district in April.  Libby Hinckley is bringing the Guiding Good Choices parenting curriculum to North Sanpete starting April 6th from 6-8PM at the middle school continuing each Tuesday evening until May 4th. The attached flyer states that it is geared to families with children 4th-8th grade, but I am told that it will benefit families with younger and older children as well.  This year there are incentives for attending.  All those who attend will receive a voucher for their children to play community recreational sports, such as baseball, softball, soccer, etc. or a 10-punch swim pass.  It is a total win/win.

If you have not received this month’s Counseling Corner, I have attached their message below.  As you can see, we are fortunate to have capable and passionate professionals working with our students and families. 

Living by laws and rules and developing self-discipline makes us stronger, opening the doors of opportunity for the future. This month’s WHYTRY school counselor lesson is titled Lift the Weight. Lifting weights makes us stronger because the resistance of the weights stresses the muscle cells which grow back bigger and tougher. Lifting the weight of laws and rules makes us stronger by opening the doors of opportunity and building self-respect. If our current workout program is leaving us weak and flabby because we are breaking society’s laws and rules, it’s time to come up with a new workout plan. The reality of life is that failure to follow rules and laws and to use self-discipline often leads to more challenges. What feels like a burden or a restriction, if lifted, helps produce a better life. Our brain needs to be our strongest muscle, it is where we decide whether or not to lift the weight. Ask your child what they can do to strengthen their brain. 

Hope your week is productive and safe.

Please take care and thank you for your support,



Clarifying Utah's mask mandate

Have you heard that the state's mask mandate ends April 10? Governor Cox shared this statement to clarify the importance of continuing to wear masks in appropriate situations:

"Once it became clear that the Legislature planned to end the mask mandate immediately, and with a veto proof majority, our administration worked with them to push the date back to get as many people vaccinated as possible. It's important to note that the mask mandate will continue after April 10 in schools and for large gatherings. Also, businesses can still require masks. And of course, every individual can choose to wear a mask. We anticipate opening up vaccine eligibility to every adult in the state on April 1 and will likely have 1.5 million first doses in the state by April 10."Want weekly updates from the Governor’s Office? Sign up for the weekly #OneUtah newsletter here.

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