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From the many years I have been involved in education, there is one thing that I know, that parent engagement in the school process is the strongest determining factor to a child’s academic success.  Engagement in the classroom is one of the district’s instructional goals and it extends from the classroom to parents as teachers include you in their work with students. 

When parents engage in education, students are more likely to perform at proficiency levels, graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education, develop self-confidence, and practice better social skills and behavior.  This list of benefits puts into perspective the value of parent involvement and the difference it makes to the culture of our community.  We appreciate our parents.  Thank you for being part of our team!

Two more weeks and we will be close to the end of 2020. It has been a long  and interesting year for all of us. As part of efforts to keep you informed,  I have updated the Covid-19 dashboard on the district website.  We face our challenges, but schools have been doing well to keep with their safety routines and it is working.  North Sanpete High School has started the mandatory testing for all students participating in extracurricular activities and beginning this week, we will work to provide limited testing for staff.  We are just getting started, but as we gain access to additional tests, the district will be in a position to offer rapid tests more readily to district employees on a voluntary basis.  We are making progress.

As we move through the years and decades as a nation, there are many significant events that change the course of history.  December 7th marks such an event in which the United States lost 2,403 service members and civilians during the attack at Pearl Harbor.  We honor those individuals who have served in the past and who are currently defending our freedom.  Flags around the district will be lowered to half-staff to acknowledge their contribution.

Take care this week and be safe,