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Parents and Guardians,

The first quarter of the school year comes to an end this week.  What a wonderful thing to say after all we have been through these past few months.  I am appreciative of our school community; parents, students, teachers and administrators, for their efforts to maintain good safety routines, make academics a priority, and to appreciate the benefits of connection.


With the winter months approaching, it is essential that we continue to be vigilant in mitigating Covid-19 risk.  If your child rides the bus, please help us by making sure they have their mask with them in the morning and emphasize the importance of keeping the mask on during the entire bus ride.  This will help us all stay safe as we move into the cold months ahead and allow our bus drivers to keep their eyes on the road.  Let your principal know if you need reusable masks for your child, we can help.

This past week, USBE released modifications to the quarantine protocols for schools.  I have included with this email the official letter from our Central Utah Health Department clarifying those guidelines.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your school administrator or myself.  I will add this letter to our COVID resources on the NSSD website. 

Fall Break begins this Thursday and continues through Monday, October 19th.  Students will return to school on Tuesday, October 20th.  Be safe!

October 12-16 is the official week to recognize our school lunch program.  Nationwide, our food service workers serve approximately 30 million children each day.  The NSSD food service team is exceptional at providing meals each day to our students around the district. They work tirelessly to assure that the meals they prepare are nutritious and delicious.  Please offer thanks to these individuals if you get the chance.  We appreciate them!

The Student Support Team of our district is working to establish a page of resources that can be used by our school community.  We will be adding the Wednesday Wellness information that our elementary counselor, Elise Hanson, prepares each week.  Below is the information from this past week.  Enjoy!When we want to get in physical shape, we know that going to the gym one time won’t make a significant change.  Doing one mindfulness practice won’t do much to change our emotional and mental well-being either.  Mindfulness is a strategy that takes regular practice and consistency to see and feel it’s amazing benefits.  This short video will describe those benefits and teach the Take 5 Strategy. https://www.wevideo.com/view/1857149350

Take care,