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This week’s message is a reminder of the wonderful opportunities for students to access online library resources.  Utah’s Online Library is available for our students at school or at home.  When students are at school, no username and password is needed, but when your student is using this resource at home, they will need a username and password (Username: online and Password: database). From this site they have access to a list of reliable sources such as the encyclopedia, Culture Grams, Gale Reference, Noodle Tools and EBSCO.  This site also contains online resources for our pre-school students and reference information for the adults in our district.

SORA/Overdrive is an online library with books chosen specifically for our K-12 students. All of our students have access to approximately 5,050 ebooks in this collection, including an additional 600 audiobooks. The library also includes read along titles for younger readers. There is no cost for students to use the library, books are checked out for two weeks, then automatically check back in at the end of two weeks. This means no fees, no overdue books, no lost books. A student can check out up to three books at a time and have a hold on up to three books at a time. Check with your school librarian for more information.

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