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September 21, 2020

Dear Parents,

When you open your email, or receive a text from one of the schools, this message is coming from our PowerSchool Alert system.  You would not know this unless I told you because it looks just like all the other messages you receive during the day, but this Alert tool is an integral part of the safety plans at the district level and at your local school. 

Administration uses this tool regularly to send reminders of schedules or upcoming activities, but it is also the tool we will use to notify parents in the case of an emergency.  If we do have an emergency or, for example, we close school due to weather, we will send out a voice notification, text and email to all parents in the district. If the situation involves one school, we can isolate the notification to just those parents that need the message.  If it is an emergency, you might receive multiple notifications, one right after the other, with directions on how to respond.  We will also send essential information out to our community through social media and through KMTI.  

The information you provided when you completed the online registration at the beginning of the school year is the information PowerSchool uses to send out these Alert notifications.  If you have any question about the phone number or email, we have on record or if you happen to change your phone number or email, I would ask that you notify the school so they can keep your information current. 

The leaves are turning, and the temperature is finally dropping.  This means that we will be spending more time inside.  The routine of safety becomes that much more important and persistence will be the name of the game.  I will be reminding our community each time I send out a message to stay with the routine and thanking you for doing your part to keep us in school.

Stay safe,