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Dear Parents,

One full week of school has past and I am grateful for your commitment to a routine of safety and your support of our schools.  The secret is to keep with our school and classroom routines, it is working, and we are continually evaluating our process each week.  Our consistency and diligence are what will keep us in school, thank you.  Remember to maintain these routines while you are at any school event or activity, your help is much appreciated.


Chalyece Shelley, one of our district directors, shared a great resource with me this week with the desire that I share it with you.  This site contains valuable resources for parents that are supporting student learning at home.  I looked through the information and it has great value even for those parents that have elected to send their schools back to the classroom.  What I have learned from raising my own children and from making education my career is that parent involvement in student learning leads to an increase in academic success.  This is why we value our parents and consider them our partners.  Take a look at following link from the University of Florida.  Hopefully, there are a few tips that will work for you and your children.



Keep in mind that Monday, September 7th is Labor Day.

See you soon and please have a safe week,