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In order to assure that the board conducts the Meetings properly and efficiently, the Board adopts the following rules and procedures pertaining to public participation at Board Meetings.

  1. Patrons who wish to address the Board must sign up at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the Regular Board Meeting either by email as directed on the District website or on the sheet provided at the District Office. Patrons shall list their name, the schools their children attend, their city of residence, the topic they wish to address, and whether they are representing themselves or a group.
  2. If several individuals are concerned with the same issue, they should select a spokesperson to address their views. In the interest of time, the Board may limit cumulative and repetitive information.
  3. Comments are limited to five (5) minutes for each individual unless the person is speaking on behalf of a group, in which case the comments are limited to ten (10) minutes.
  4. To ensure sufficient time to conduct its business, the Board President or other presiding officer may limit the number of patrons allowed to address the Board in a given Meeting.
    1. Prior to the public comment portion of the Meeting, the President will announce the number of patrons who will be allowed to address the Board.
    2. A patron must have previously signed up, as required in Section 1 above, to address the board.
    3. If the number of patrons signed up to address the Board exceeds the number announced by the resident in a given Meeting, patrons will be permitted to address the Board either in the order they signed up, by topic, or according to some other order as determined by the President, until the number set by the President has been reached. The remaining patrons may address the Board at a future Meeting.
  5. Topics may include suggestions for improving District services or program, and comments are welcome regarding new issues or new program of policy suggestions.
  6. Individuals should conduct themselves and present their comments in a respectful and courteous manner, giving due respect to the dignity and privacy of others who may be affected by their comments. Individuals should refrain from making rude or slanderous remarks that may violate the rights of others under laws of defamation or invasion of privacy.
  7. Comments are not allowed regarding the following:
    1. Bidding or contract matters
    2. Employment or personnel issues.
    3. Complaints, criticism, or personal attacks against individual students, employees, or other citizens.
    4. Grievances, complaints, or other issues that are governed by specific hearing, appeal, or negotiation procedures.
  1. Patrons presenting highly detailed or complex information should before the Meeting, provide a written copy or synopsis of their comments for the Board.
  2. Persons appearing before the Board are reminded that members of the Board are without authority to act independently as individuals in official matters. Thus, questions may be directed to individual Board members, but action by the Board is necessary to resolve such questions. Likewise, members of the Board may not immediately respond to patrons' questions or engage in discussion or debate. The Board will take each patron's comments under advisement, and if further discussion or action is required, the topic will be added to the agenda of an upcoming Board Meeting.
  3. The Board President or other presiding officer may terminate the remarks of any individual who does not adhere to this policy. Individuals addressing the Board who engage in inappropriate or disruptive conduct will be removed from the Meeting.

    Inappropriate or disruptive conduct by members of the audience will not be tolerated. Patrons in the audience should conduct themselves in a respectful, civil, and courteous manner, refraining from conduct that disrupts the Meeting or inhibits the Board from efficiently conducting its business. Individuals who engage in appropriate or disruptive conduct will be removed from the Meeting.

I have read the above rules and procedures and agree to adhere to them.

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