Moroni Elementary School

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We encourage students who live close to the school to walk or ride their bike. It is good exercise and reduces traffic flow around the school. If parents bring students to drop them off, please follow these guidelines:

Pick up/Drop Off

We would like to remind you that our student drop-off areas are on the West end of the school in the pull through in front of the school, across the street on 200 West near the crosswalk, or on the East side of the school on 100 West by the sidewalk. Please do not park in the bus loading area. Please do not leave your car while stopped in the drop off area.

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE INTO THE FIRE LANE on 100 West to drop off students because it creates a safety issue for students walking to school. Also, please drop off near the crosswalk on the opposite side of 200 West to help students cross safely.

Safe Route to School

The School Community Council and the City Council have provided input on our "Safe Route To School" for students to walk or ride their bicycles. The safest routes for most students are the sidewalks on 100 North and 100 South or to walk down 200 West. If you drive to school please be very mindful of students around the school and obey traffic signs. The speed limit is 20 mph in the neighborhood around the school.

CLICK HERE to view the map on the Safe Routes Utah website.

(The green path on the map shows the preferred routes to walk.)