Moroni Elementary School

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Students will be instructed in and will practice safety procedures throughout the year. The following procedures will take place in case of an emergency. Emergency notifications will be made by phone calls, text, email, through Facebook, and KMTI radio (650 AM).

School Evacuation:

When the evacuation alarm is sounded or when it is safe after an earthquake, all students will proceed in an orderly manner outside to their designated area on the school grounds. The teacher (with the emergency pack) will be the last to exit, close the door, and proceed with the class. The teacher will immediately call roll and make sure all students are accounted for. If it is safe to reenter the school, students will resume instruction. If it is unsafe to reenter the building, students will walk to the gym on North Center Street. No students will be released until signed out by a parent/guardian or pre-approved emergency contact (designee).

School Lock Down:

In the event of a situation (violence, hostage, crisis, etc.) where it is decided that students would bbe safer locked in their classrooms, teachers will lock classroom doors, cover windows, and move students away from the door and windows. Students will be checked out by parents/guardians or pre-approved designee.


In the event of power outage, water shortage, furnace malfunction, etc., students will remain in the classroom. If the superintendent has determined that students must be released, students will be supervised until checked out by parent/guardian or pre-approved designee or they will be dismissed in the usual manner at the conclusion of the day.