Moroni Elementary School

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Absences & Tardies

  • If your student is ill, please call the school and leave a message with the secretary, letting us know your child will not be at school.
  • If a student has one of the following illnesses or symptoms, he or she should not come to school: Strep Throat, Influenza, Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Pink Eye, or other serious communicable diseases.
  • If your student is absent for an extended period (more than 2 days), please send a doctor's note when your child returns.
  • If you know that your student will be out of school for a funeral, doctor's appointment, etc., please contact the school ahead of time, if possible, to excuse your child.
  • Please help your students be on time each day for school. Excessive tardies may result in unexcused absences.

Checking In/Out of School

  • Students leaving school after the tardy bell (8:15) need to be checked out in the front office.
  • If your student is tardy or comes to school after 8:45, you need to sign the student in at the front office.

Excessive Absences/Parent Notification

  • We encourage you to contact the school if your child has excessive absences. According to Utah Law, we will do the following to keep you informed of your student's attendance:
  1. Following the 5th absence: Contact will be made with parents, by letter, informing them of the student's attendance.
  2. Following the 10th absence: A parent/guardian meeting will be set up to plan ways to address the absences.
  3. Following the 15th absence: There will be interventions. If absences are unexcused, a Notice of Violation of Compulsory Education may be issued. (May result in a Class B Misdemeanor according to Utah Law).