Textbook Selection and Adoption

North Sanpete School District               Policy Number   VI - 35

Statement of .............                          Effective Date 12/16/82

Board Policy with Guidelines                 Revised Date



Subject:    Textbook Selection and Adoption



It is the policy of the North Sanpete Board of Education to provide a wide range of instructional
materials on varying levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal and points of view.




1. All textbooks that are adopted shall comply with the Utah State Office of Education rules and
regulations and shall be on the approved textbook list.


2. A regular schedule of adoption shall be established and followed so that a continuous
upgrading of the textbooks will take place.


3. A committee of administrators and faculty members shall review available texts and make
recommendations to the Superintendent as to the textbook that is to be approved.


4. Public notice shall be given through the media that a new textbook will be adopted at a
specific school board meeting, and that the proposed new adoption may be reviewed at the school
district office. The public may make recommendations to the school board.


5. The Superintendent shall present to the Board of Education the list of recommended textbooks
for their formal approval.




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