Lesson Plans

North Sanpete School District               Policy Number    VI - 34

Statement of .............                          Effective  Date      12/16/82

Board Policy with Guidelines                  Revised Date


Subject:    Lesson Plans



The Board of Education recognizes that adequate planning and preparation brings about sound
teaching and learning. Teacher developed lesson plans are essential to this effective teaching.




1. Daily lesson plans are to be completed prior to the beginning of each school day.


2. It is expected that teachers will review the body of knowledge that is to be presented through
the school year and that this body of knowledge will be broken up in smaller units of manageable
instructional portions, such as weekly plans and daily plans.


3. In the event the teacher is absent, the lesson plan is to be available for the substitute teacher.


4. It is the responsibility of the building principal to periodically review the lesson plans of
each teacher.




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