Homebound Instruction

North Sanpete School District               Policy Number  VI - 20

Statement of .............                          Effective  Date    3/10/87

Board Policy with Guidelines                  Revised Date



Subject:  Homebound Instruction



Homebound instruction shall be provided to any child with a health or physical impairment
which, in the opinion of a licensed medical examiner, will cause him/her to be absent from
school for more than two consecutive weeks and who school personnel determine can
educationally benefit from such a program, or to any child whose educational needs, as
determined by a case study and reviewed in a multidisciplinary staff conference, are most
appropriately and effectively met by such a program.




1. Parents of students who may qualify for homebound or hospital instruction will be asked to
have a physician complete and sign a statement that it is anticipated that the student will be
absent from school for the required period and that he or she is able to receive instruction. The
completed form is to be sent to the principal who will arrange for a tutor.


2. The tutor may be the student's regular teacher or another qualified person. If the tutor is a
person other, than the student's classroom teacher, periodic conferences shall be established
between the tutor and appropriate school personnel to coordinate courses of study. The tutor is
paid by the school district and partial reimbursement from the state is claimed.


3. A child who requires home or hospital instruction on a temporary basis shall be provided
with instructional services sufficient to enable him/her to return to school with a minimum of
difficulty Direct instructional time shall not be less than two hours per week.


4. A child who requires home or hospital instruction for an extended period shall be provided with
instructional services sufficient to advance his/her basic educational development


5. Instructional time shall he scheduled only on days when school is regularly in session.




Student's Name_________________________ Room Number_________


Parent's Name __________________________Address ________________


Nature or Illness or Injury ________________________________________


Date of Incapacitation _______________________


Date of Request for Homebound Aid ___________________________


Teacher Assigned _________________________________Date ____________



Time of






























































































Transfer and reentry has been made on roll book: Yes ____ No ___


Give date of each school day student was incapacitated whether visit was made or not





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