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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-71
Effective Date:  07/09/2001
Revised Date:  06/18/2019
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Subject:  Employee Association Leave


It is the purpose of this policy in compliance with section 53A-3425, Utah Code Annotated
1953, to ensure that local employee associations are not subsidized by taxpayer funds. The
Board hereby elects not to allow paid association leave to its employees.


  1. "Association Leave" as used in this policy means leave from a School District Employee's
    regular school/district responsibilities granted for that employee to spend time for association
    or union duties. All employee unions or employee organizations shall be treated equally under
    this policy.
  2. All association leave taken by School District Employees is unpaid leave. (Policy IV-35, #7).
    In addition, no employee of the School District shall be permitted to take association leave
    unless they arrange for a substitute (follow district and school procedures) to cover their
    assignment during such leave. The employee is responsible to pay for the substitute.
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