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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV–59
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Disclosure of Ex-Employee Information

Information regarding the employment record and status of any ex-employee of the District shall be disclosed only by designated records officer, the person specifically designated by the District's personnel office to respond to all requests for such information. Employee supervisors, principals, mentors, etc., are not authorized to give information regarding the employment record or performance of any ex-employee and shall not disclose any such information unless specifically authorized by the District's personnel office to do so. The District's designated personnel representative shall respond to all requests for information regarding employment status and performance of ex-employees solely in writing and pursuant to request for such information by a person legitimately having reason to know and possess such information.

The district's response must be in writing and shall state that the disclosure of information is confidential and should not be shared with any persons except the intended addressee. The District shall not release any information of regarding the status or performance of ex-employees without first having received a form of release signed by the ex-employee specifically authorizing release of information of the type requested. The information provided to person requesting such information shall be limited to the hire date, termination date, and if authorized by the release signed by the ex-employee, information regarding job performance, evaluations and reasons for termination. No other questions should be answered.

This policy shall be posted in a conspicuous place so that all employees of the District are aware of its provisions.