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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV–7
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:   Community School Coordinator

Provide general supervision and specific coordination of the Community Education program under the direction of the school principal. The coordinator will program a wide variety of community classes and activities based on community requests, identified needs and class evaluations. The coordinator will become involved in developing other components of the community education concept as possible (Public involvement, facility coordination, integration with K-12 program and resource utilization).


  1. Assist the principal(s) in developing the home/school partnership and serve as a catalyst for public involvement in the schools.
  2. Organize and supervise community education programs and activities to include:
    1. Adult Basic Education (ABE) (The Adult Learning Center provides this service in the North Sanpete Area).
    2. Adult high school completion (AHS). (The Adult Learning Center provides this service in the North Sanpete area).
    3. Enrichment programs for youth.
    4. General and special interest classes for adults, self-enrichment, and self- improvement.
    5. Integration of the community school programs with the regular day and evening programs.
    6. Coordinate existing community resources to enhance community service offerings.
  3. Identify and interview prospective instructors, paid and volunteer.
  4. Conduct an annual program evaluation and submit quarterly activity reports.
  5. Facilitate the registration process for all programs over which the coordinator is responsibility.
  6. Facilitate the instructor pay-compensation for programs over which the coordinator has responsibility.
  7. Publicize class offerings and other community school programs using all available media.
  8. Coordinate with local agencies and organizations to avoid duplication in program delivery.
  9. Perform other duties relating to community education as assigned by the school principal.