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Fairview Elementary School - Student and Family Handbook

MISSION STATEMENT - The Fairview Elementary School learning community will do whatever it takes to ensure high levels of learning for every child in a warm and caring environment. Create the conditions for learning so all students can succeed. CLASS!

DAILY SCHEDULE - School hours are from 8:15 am until 3:00 pm each day. Students should arrive no later than 8:20 am. Children should NOT arrive earlier than 8:00 am or remain on campus later than 3:10 pm unless they are participating in a supervised activity.

SCHOOL PHONES - Students may use the school telephones for emergencies only. Parents should limit calls to the classrooms for valid emergencies only (once or twice per year). After-school plans should be made before students come to school.

STUDENT EDUCATIONAL PLANS & PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES - Our goal is to make sure that every child achieves high levels of learning. Scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences are held 2 times each year. Your child's teacher will work with you to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) that is individualized to your child's needs. To be successful we need your help and support.

PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION (PTA) - The Fairview Elementary School PTA does so much for our school and the children raising money and organizing school activities. We invite all parents to become active members of the PTA and support their activities.

SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL - The Fairview Elementary School Community Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss school improvement, student safety, student learning, and the School Land Trust Plan. Parents are invited to run for election as council members or to participate in the monthly meetings. Agendas and meetings are posted on the school web page.

VOLUNTEERS AND VISITORS - We need volunteers in our school. We love to have visitors. We only ask that you notify teachers or office staff and then check in at the front office. A volunteer/visitor badge should be worn at all times while in the school.

ATTENDANCE - On the rare occasion that your child is absent, please let the school know by calling the office before 9:00 am at 427-9204. Leave a message if office personnel do not answer. If we have not been notified of your child's absence, the school will attempt to call you. If students are late to school or leave early, parents must come into the office and sign them in/out. If students are to be successful in school, they must be in school.

SCHOOL LUNCH AND BREAKFAST - School lunches cost $1.50 per day for students and may be paid for on a daily or monthly basis.School breakfasts are served from 8:00 am - 8:20 am and cost $1.00. Free and Reduced Lunch/Breakfast forms are available in the school office. The District Lunch Program does NOT permit charges so make sure that your child has money or enough money in their lunch account each day.

MEDICATION AND HEALTH CARE PLANS - Utah law states that medication (both prescription and over-the-counter) given to students while in school MUST be administered by school personnel and ONLY under the direction of a physician (required forms in the office). Students who have special medical needs must have a "Health Care Plan" written by the school nurse and signed by parents and a physician.

DRESS POLICY - Dress and grooming has a significant impact on the school's learning environment. Extremes of dress, accessories, or hair color/style that inferfere with learning are not allowed. The school supports fully the School Board's Dress Code Policy. If you would like a copy of this policy, please check with the office staff. Here are some important highlights:

  • Grubby clothing which is worn-out or has holes is not permissible. 
  • Immodest dress of any kind is not permitted. This includes: exposed underwear, tank tops, tight fitting clothing, clothing which leaves the midriff exposed, short skirts, and revealing clothing of any type.
  • Sleeves will be worn and shoulders will be completely covered.
  • Clothing with inappropriate pictures or words on it is prohibited.
  • Shoes are to be worn at all times.
  • Hair should be kept clean, well groomed, and of a natural color.
  • Hats are not allowed in the school building.

Students will be asked to call parents for a change of clothing if the dress code is not followed.

POWERSCHOOL AND SCHOOL WEBSITE - Our school and district have invested in some powerful technology that will assist you in helping your student. PowerSchool provides a direct link for you to your child's school records, lunch accounts, and classroom grades. You will receive specific instructions on the website, login, and password for your student. In addition, the school's website contains a wealth of information to include calendars, newsletters, pictures of student activities, handbooks, etc. Use these tools to support your student.

TEACHER EMAIL - All teachers may be contacted via email. You can write them directly with their first and last names: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also send an email to any staff member via the school principal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

SCHOOL NEWSLETTER AND EMAIL - The school newsletter is distributed to students every other Monday. Read it carefully. We also ask that all parents provide an email address so we can send you the newletter and other important school information. Send your email address to the principal, telephone us (427-9204), or sign the email list in the office.

DISCIPLINE POLICY - Each classroom will develop rules and procedures that will be available to parents. The foundation that guides classroom and school-wide rules and procedures are: 1) Respect for Self, 2) Respect for Others, 3) Respect for Property, 4) Responsibility for Our Actions. Students should follow all classroom and school-wide rules. When a violation of any rule or procedure occurs, the adult in charge will counsel with the student and together they will develop a plan for correction. If a student ignores the agreement or is engaged in extreme behavior (hurting self or others, damaging property, out of control behavior, defiant behavior to adult) or behavior that biolates the "Safe School Policy" he/she may be excluded from the classroom or other area of the school for a time. Depending on the situation, the student may be sent to the Principal's office for additional counseling and/or disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include but is not limited to: school community service, detention, in-house suspension, or expulsion.

SAFE SCHOOL POLICY The Utah State "Safe School Policy" states that the following behaviors are prohibited in schools:

  • Behavior which threatens the safety, welfare, or morals of others, which threatens the operations of the school, or which unreasonably disrupts or interferes with education.
  • The possession of any type of weapon, look alike weapon(toy) or any object which ejects whether functional or not.
  • Behavior which would cause, attempt, threaten, or conspire to cause damage to personal or real property or person through arson, burglary, extortion, larceny (stealing), criminal mischief, battery (hitting others), assualt, harassment (threat to commit an illegal act), sexual harassment, hazing (actions intended to endanger or embarrass others).
  • Use of obscene and profane language.

LOST AND FOUND - In order to avoid lost items, please put your child's name on coats, gloves, hats, backpacks and lunch boxes. Do NOT send any items of real value to school. Lost clothing items are placed in the small foyer by the north exit doors of the school. Smaller items are placed in a box in the school office. Lost items with significant value are kept by the school secretary. Any lost clothing items unclaimed at the end of the quarter will be sent to a charitable organization.

READING FIRST- The foundation of our school's curriculum is reading. We expect ALL of our students to become "Champion Readers" and we need parents to be part of the Reading Team that will help to ensure our children's success. Don't forget the most important 20 minutes of your day - when you sit down with your child(ren) and READ together. Children do not learn to read well unless they read a LOT! Immerse your children in books and make reading with them an enjoyable experience. Remember to "Take 20" minutes every day to read with your children!