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September 11, 2017

Principal: Allynne Mower   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone Number: 435-427-9204   Web Address: http://www/fe.nsanpete.org
    Facebook: Fairview Elementary PTA


Lunch Menu   Calendar
Monday, Sept. 11   Chicken Nuggets                   Sept. 18   BookMobile
Tuesday, Sept. 12   Corn Dogs   Sept. 29   No School Teacher Professional Development 
Wednesday, Sept. 13   Pizza   Oct. 2   BookMobile
Thursday, Sept. 14   Hamburger Gravy   Oct. 12   Picture Retakes
Friday, Sept 15   Chili   Oct. 16   BookMobile
        Oct. 18   1st Quarter Ends
Monday, Sept 18   Orange Chicken   Oct. 19-20   UEA, No School
Tuesday, Sept 19   BBQ Rib Sandwich   Oct. 23   No School, Teacher Compensation Day
Wednesday, Sept. 20    Chicken Alfredo   Oct. 27   Fall Carnival
Thursday, Sept, 21   Chicken Noodle Soup        
Friday, Sept. 22   Pizza Rippers        
Monday, Sept. 25   Mac & Cheese        
Tuesday, Sept. 26   Turkey Deli        
Wednesday, Sept. 27   Pizza Stix        
Thursday, Sept. 28   Chicken Bowls        
Friday, Sept. 29   No School        

 Walk More In Four -  September is devoted to participation in the Walk More in Four Program. It's cool to walk or bike safely to school! if you do it at least three times each week in September, you will be eligible to win a bike or scooter. Exercise is key to a healthy mind. Track the days you participate and turn your calendar in no later than October 2. Last week was Walk to School Day. We had so many students participate. Thanks to our awesome PTA who organized the event and provided a snack to everyone that participated!

Best practices - Parenting Tip From Our School Counselor -  Setting good solid norms to start the new school year - Setting norms, right at the get go, of a new school year is REALLY important. Bedtime norms, homework expectations, school attendance, television and screen time, healthy eating...Making adjustments as we get back into school can be hard, even stressful. BUT taking the time time to set those norms and standing firmly by them for a few weeks, until they become a part of what your family does, will pay off for everyone. It will make the school year go smoother, certainly be more successful, and even be more enjoyable.

Kids thrive very best with solid set schedules, This allows for their bodies and brains to perform at their highest level. Sporadic bedtimes and schedules do not allow for natural patterns to establish. Regular consistent sleep patterns train the body and brain when to rest and when to be awake and alert. Solid schedules control anxiety and help kids feel safe and secure, allowing for best learning to happen.

Setting expectations is not only important, but a must if you want your child to soar this year. Set the bar just slightly higher than what you think your child's ability is. A little reach is good for them. Too high can bring frustration and discouragement, while too low can make them feel you don't know what they're capable of. Make sure your child knows you value education and learning from them.

Positive Behavior - You may have already had a phone cal home congratulating your child on something they have done at school. We are looking for students that are following our school rules and trying to make our school a better place. When students are caught doing good things, they are awarded a Thuderbird Pride Card. They get to take it to the office, sign the brag bok, and have their name written on the Principal's 200 Club poster. You will receive a phone call from either Janae or Ms. Mower letting you know just how awesome your child is. When a row on the poster fills up, the students whose names appear on that row will receive a Mystery Reward from Mrs. Mower. Please take the time to congratulate your student after you receive a phone call home.

School Rules

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Positive