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16 February 2016

Tuesday    February 16    Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
        Valentine's Day Celebration
    February 16-19   Drug Free Week - see announcement below for details
    February 16-26   High School Food Drive
Monday   February 22   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   February 24   School Community Council at 3:15 pm
Friday   February 26   Battle of the Books - grade level competition
        Grade 5   8:30 - 9:30
        Grade 6   9:30 - 10:30
        Grade 4  10:30 - 11:30
Monday   February 29   Early out Day - 1 pm dismissal
        Leap into Reading
Tuesday   March 1   NETSmartz- Internet Safety Training for students
Wednesday   March 2   Spring Photos
Friday   March 4   Battle of the Books Finals at 1:30 pm for grades 4-6
        Dress Up as Favorite Storybook Character
        Readathon in AM
        Dr. Seuss Day - readers for K-3
        Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake at end of the day
Monday   March 7   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
Friday   march 11   3rd Quarter Ends


Mon 15 Feb    Presidents' Day - NO SCHOOL        Mon 22 Feb    Chicken Fajitas
Tues 16 Feb   Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches   Tues 23 Feb   Ham Deli Sandwich
Wed 17 Feb   Chicken Alfredo   Wed 24 Feb   Cheese Ravioli
Thu 18 Feb   Hamburger Gravy   Thu 25 Feb   Country Fried Steak
Fri 19 Feb   BBQ Rib Sandwich   Fri 26 Feb   Hamburgers

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 -  Tuesday, February 16 is an Early Out Day so all students will be dismissed at 1:00 pm. It is also the day we will be celebrating Valentine's Day. Finally, it is the first day of Drug Free Week. Students are encouraged to wear red or Hawaiian shirts.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES - Thanks to all of the parents and students who participated in the Parent Teacher Conferences last week. We all want the very best for the children of Fairview and we know that the school home partnership is critical to giving our children the very best.

PTA SPONSORED "DRUG FREE WEEK" - Thanks to our amazing PTA for sponsoring this year's Drug Free Week. From February 16-19 students are invited to dress up in different ways on each of the four days that week. Please review the calendar below so you can help your student prepare for enjoying this week,

Tuesday    "Lei" off drugs - wear red or "Hawaiian" clothes (all students given a lei)
Wednesday    "We're teaming up against drugs" -- wear Sports Team Shirts
    Police, Fire Truck, and Ambulance presentation starting at 12:30 pm
Thursday   "We "mustache" you to be drug free -- wear Mustaches
Friday   "It's crazy to do drugs! From head to toe I'm drug free" - Crazy Hair and Socks

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS - Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 have been preparing for the "Battle of the Books" since the beginning of the school year. Students have read up to 15 books to prepare for this contest where teams of students will answer questions about these books. They are just about ready now and will be competing at their grade levels on Friday, February 26. parents are invited to enjoy the Battle of the Books with their children. Grade 5 will compete at 8:30 am, Grade 6 will compete at 9:30 am, and Grade 4 will compete at 10:30 am. Thanks to the teachers and all of the students who have worked so hard to prepare. And special thanks to Trine Huntington, who has organized this great learning activity for our students.

HIGH SCHOOL SPONSORED FOOD DRIVE - A flyer was sent home with the students announcing the Food Drive sponsored by the North Sanpete High School Student Council. It starts on February 16 and ends on February 26. We encourage you and your family to join in supporting this drive in support of struggling families in Sanpete County.

MORNING DROP-OFF OF STUDENTS AT SCHOOL - Thank you to all of the parents who consistently and carefully pull into the school parking lot and then wait their turn to pull up to the STOP sign and drop the children off. We ask that parents NOT drop students off on the street side of the parking lot and then have their children cross the parking lot in front of the waiting cars. When the children have to cross the parking lot, it slows the movement of the cars who have waited their turn and it is more dangerous for those children crossing. Thanks for your help in keeping our children safe.

REMINDER ON WEAPONS (REAL AND PRETEND) - Our school is a very safe school - and we want to do everything to keep it that way. Help your children to know  that bringing a weapon of any kind - real or pretend - is never allowed. Please help us by going through your children's backpacks and coat pockets - making sure that they haven't accidentally left a Scout knife or a toy water pistol in a pocket. Safety must be a school community effort - and we appreciate all that you can do to make safety a priority.

EFFORT AND EXCELLENCE - As parents, we want our children to excel and reach their full potential. We want them to demonstrate excellent work every day. How does that happen in a young person's life? When Moshe Kai Cavalin was a 14-years old boy, he was labeled a "genius". Soon after he graduated from UCLA with honors and them went on to get his doctorate. He wrote a book about his experiences of growing up as a "genius". The book outlines how other young people can accomplish what he did through such simple acts as keeping themselves focused and approaching everything with total commitment.  He's hoping it will show people that there's no genius involved, just hard work (EFFORT). He wrote, "People need to know you don't really need to be a genius. You just have to work hard (EFFORT) and you can accomplish anything."  One of his key messages is to stay focused and to focus on being the best you can be (EXCELLENCE). Is this the message we are sending our students? Are we helping them to make the necessary efforts each day and to always strive for excellence in whatever they do? Society and the media often want us to believe that great accomplishments come easy. But we must send the message that our Thunderbirds are amazing and so capable. Their great accomplishments will come after tremendous effort and striving for excellence.