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7 December 2015

Monday   December 7   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Monday   December 14   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Friday   December 18   2nd Quarter Ends
        Sing Around the Christmas Tree at 2:00 pm
M-F, M-F   Dec 21 - Jan 1   Christmas Holidays - No School
Monday   January 4   Students Return to School
        Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Friday   January 8   2nd Quarter Report Cards go home with students
Monday   January 11   Early Out Days - 1pm dismissal
Monday   January 18   MLK - No School
Tuesday   January 19   Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Monday   January 25   Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   January 27   School Community Council at 3:15 pm


Mon 7 Dec   Sloppy Joe        Mon 14 Dec   Cheese Ravioli
Tues 8 Dec   Chicken Strips   Tues 15 Dec   Corn Dog
Wed 9 Dec   Teriyaki Chicken   Wed 16 Dec   Mandarin Orange Chicken
Thurs 10 Dec   Chili   Thurs 17 Dec   Chicken Noodle Soup
Fri 11 Dec   Beef Soft Taco   Fri 18 Dec   Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Since this is the last newsletter prior to the Christmas Break, the faculty and staff at the Fairview Elementary School wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! We are honored to work with your beautiful children and so proud of the work they have done so far this year. They deserve the very best. Be safe. Read lot. Enjoy family and friends. Count your blessings. And love those kids - the greatest of all your blessings.

Full Day of School on December 18  - We will have a full day of school on Friday, December 18. This is the last day of school prior to the Christmas break. Students will be dismissed at 3:00 pm on this day. Then we will have two full weeks for our Christmas and New Year's holidays. We will welcome the Reading Thunderbirds back to school at 8:00 am on Monday, January 4, 2016.  

Report Cards go Home on Friday, January 8 - Second quarter report crds will be sent home with the students on Friday, January 8 - which is the first Friday after students return from the Christmas Break. 

Dress for the Weather  - It is expected that students go outside for recess - even on colder days. So it is critical that students come to school "dressed for the weather". They should normally be wearing their heavy coats during the winter season - and it is often wise to have at least two layers of warm clothing along with hats, gloves, and scarves. Please make sure that your child has warm clothing so they can enjoy the outdoors! If for some reason you do not want your child to go outside, please write a note to the teacher and we will honor your request.

School Web Page and FaceBook Page - One way to stay "in tune" with the school is to regularly visit the school's web page (http:www.fe.nsanpete.org) and FaceBook page. If you are having trouble finding our FaceBook Page, you can always go to the school's webpage and our FaceBook page feed is on the right hand side. We are working to build better communication channels with students, parents, and the community. Use these resources and always feel free to contact the school principal directly if you have questions. He is always available via telephone (427-9204) or email (John. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Dogs on the loose in our Playground - Almost every day Mr. Allan and Mr. Lee R have to patrol the school playground to pick up what the dogs have left on the playground. Regularly we have students step in it or fall in it - and it is becoming a real nuisance to students and staff. Please do everything you can to keep your dogs from running free on our playground. If you do bring a dog to our playground, please keep it on a leash and clean up after it. Thanks for helping us to keep our school grounds clean and ready for children to play on it.

Take-Home Readers - We encourage all parents to read to or with their children for at least 20 minutes every night. That is the challenge of our Governor and the Fairview Elementary School staff. Research is clear - families that read together have children that are more successful in school! Every day, Monday through Thursday, younger students should be brining home a "Take-Home Reader" which is selected based on your child's reading level. Make sure your student reads the book and then discuss the book with him/her. This little effort repeated four days a week will make a big difference.

Students Arriving Late to School - When students arrive late to school, their learning - as well as the learning of the other students in the class - is disrupted. We strongly recommend that parents help their students to do everything possible to arrive at school on time. Students should be at school no later that 8:15 am when the morning bell rings. After 8:20 am, students are considered "tardy". Please remember that our children develop good and bad habits early in life that carry through to high school and to the workplace. Being tardy or absent excessively are NOT habits we want our children to develop for high school and to the workplace. So please, help your children to always be in school and on time.

Educational Influence - In recent studies, it has been shown that teachers statistically account for only 10-20% of achievement outcomes. Teachers are the most important factor in the school but who has the greatest influence on a student's achievement? Not surprisingly, families account for 60% of achievement. It makes sense that parents truly are the most important teachers in children's lives. So, if we are to make education truly work in the lives of our children, we must work as a team. Volunteering at the school, making homework and reading a priority, meeting with the teacher and building a culture of learning at home are just a few of the things that parents can do to support children's achievement. Let's continue working as a TEAM knowing that: Together Everyone Achieves More.

How are you Intelligent?- Dr. Ken Robinson wrote: "We think we know the answer to the question, "How intelligent are you?" The real answer, though, is that the question itself is the wrong one to ask. The right Question to ask is, "How are you intelligent?" The difference in these questions is profound. The first one suggests that there's a finite way of gauging intelligence and that one can reduce the value of each individual's intelligence to a figure or quotient of some sort. The latter suggests a truth that we somehow don't acknowledge as much as we should -- that there are a variety of ways to express intelligence, and that no scale could ever measure this."