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23 November 2015

Wednesday   November 25   Minimum Day - 12 Noon Dismissal
Thursday- Friday   November 26-27   Thanksgiving Holiday - No School
Monday   November 30   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   December 2   Christmas Workshop - PTA Sponsored
Friday   December 4   Middle School Choir Assembly at 12:30 pm
Monday   December 7   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Monday   December 14   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Friday   December 18   2nd Quarter Ends
        Sing Around the Christmas Tree 2:00 pm
        Full Day of School - 3:00 pm dismissal
Mon-Fri, Mon-Fri   December 21 - Jan 1   Christmas Holidays - No School
Monday   January 4   Students Return to School
        Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Friday   January 8   2nd Quarter Report Cards go home w/ students
Monday   January 11   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
Monday   January 18   MLK Day - No School
Tuesday   January 19   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal


Mon 23 Nov   Soft Chicken Taco   Mon 30 Nov   Bean Burrito
Tues 24 Nov   Pizza Stix   Tues 1 Dec   Ham Deli Sandwich
Wed 25 Nov   Brunch w/ Sausage Dogs   Wed 2 Dec   Pizza
Thurs 26 Nov   Thanksgiving Holiday - No School   Thurs 3 Dec   Hamburger Gravy
Fri 27 Nov Thanksgiving Holiday - No School   Fri 4 Dec   Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Happy Thanksgiving - We all have so much to be grateful for - most especially our beautiful children. As a school staff we are so very grateful for the opportunity that is ours to work with and teach your children. The Fairview Elementary School children are truly blessings in all of our lives. Have a love-filled and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

12 Noon Dismissal on Wednesday - Please remember that students will be dismissed on Wednesday, November 25th at 12 noon. Students will have a "Brunch" with sausage dogs starting at 11:00 am. This will be an  early start to the Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday and Friday, November 26-27). We will look forward to seeking the Thunderbirds again on Monday, November 30th.

Christmas Workshop on Wednesday, December 2 -  Our terrific PTA is sponsoring a Christmas Workshop for our students on Wednesday, December 2 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. For just the cost of supplies (25 cents to $2), students will be able to make Christmas gift for their family and friends. Early next week, these gifts will be display so students can decide what to make and how much money they will need.

Parent Teacher Conference -  Thanks to the nearly 85% of parents who came to the Parent Teacher Conferences and worked together with their children's teachers to plan for continuing student success. This school home connection is critical to the students' success in school and in life.

Veterans' Day Assembly -  Our 2nd grade students honored our veterans on Wednesday, November 11. We started with an Honor Guard from two of our local army personnel and then our 2nd graders sang, recited their parts, and play the recorders. We heard from our special veteran guest, Mr. Sam Cox. The messages and the patriotic music touched everyone that was there. Thanks to the students and to Mrs. Sorensen for helping all of us to better appreciate the great American heroes that have blessed all to us.

Utah State School Land Trust Funds - There are 3.3 million acres of school trust lands in Utah, granted at statehood to support schools. These lands generate revenue, all of which is saved in the permanent State School Fund. This fund is invested and the interest and dividends are distributed to every public school in the state through the School LAND Trust Program. Our Fairview Elementary School Community Council will prepare plans, to be approved by our local school board, that identify an academic need and a proposed solution using this year's annual divident of nearly $30,000. In the past we have used this money to fund Teacher Assistants, computers, learning software, and library books salaries. If you  have recommendations, be sure to talk to one of your parent representatives on the School Community Council.

Minimizing Disruptions in the Classroom -  Emergencies occur, and we all forget things from time-to-time. But we ask that parents remember that 8:20 am - 3:00 pm is instructional time and we try to minimize disruptions of classes with messages. We will normally NOT forward calls to classrooms. In an emergency, the school administration will hand deliver messages but we ask that you do everything you can to avoid having to get messages to your children during the school day. It is disruptive to the school and worrisome to the student when he/she does not know the plans for after school. - "Am I going to the babysitter?", "Am I going to a friend's house?", "Am I going home?". With 270 students all going in different directions, it is so important that students come to school knowing their plans for the day. In the morning, review with your child their after school plans (i.e. ride the bus, parent pick-up, neighbor pickup, after school activity, etc.) and then avoid changing those plans. That being said, we are always here for you and your child in an emergency.

Free & Reduced Lunch -  All families should review the income eligibility chart and consider applying for the "free & reduced" lunch program - if you have not already done so. This program provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch at a reduced rate or even free. It also provides extra resources to our school when students qualify. As an example, a family of 5 (mother, father, and 3 children) can earn up to $52,599 a year and still qualify. Drop by the office and we will gladly provide you with the eligibility income chart and short application to complete. Do it today and you might save money for the family and provide additional resources for our school.

Effort Counts -  As teachers and parents, we need to convince the children that persistent effort makes the difference between failure and success. Children who are not persistent often give up because they see even the slightest mistake as a failure and a sign that they should stop trying. Children who are not persistent typically have a negative script running in their heads. In their minds, they make comments to themselves like, "You're no good," or "You shouldn't have tried." It's important that all adults address this with our struggling students and help them reframe the negatives as positives. Change that negative script by making comments such as; "Everyone makes some mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them," or "Math may be a struggle right now, but you can do it with help from your teacher and some effort." or "You can just keep trying until you get there. Success is about putting in the effort." Effort is the key and all adults in children's lives must send that message.