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9 November 2015

Monday    November 9    Early Out - 1pm dismissal
        Scholastic Book Fair Preview - PTA sponsored
Tues & Thurs   November 10 & 12   Parent Techer Conferences 3:30 - 7pm
Tues-Thurs   November 10-12   Scholastic Book Fair 
Wednesday   November 11   Veterans' Day Program 1:00 pm
Thursday   November 12   JA City for 5th Graders
Friday   November 13   NO SCHOOL
Monday   November 16   Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   November 18   School Community Council at 3:15 pm
Monday   November 23   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   November 25   Minimum Day - 12 Noon dismissal
Thurs - Fri   November 26-27   Thanksgiving Holiday - NO School
Monday   November 30   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   December 2   Christmas Workshop - PTA Sponsored


Mon 9 Nov   Mandarin Orange Chicken   Mon 16 Nov   Macaroni & Cheese
Tues 10 Nov    BBQ Rib Sandwiches    Tues 17 Nov    Hamburgers
Wed 11 Nov   Chicken Alfredo   Wed 18 Nov   Pizza
Thurs 12 Nov   Chicken Noodle Soup   Thurs 19 Nov   Turkey Roast Gravy
Fri 13 Nov   NO SCHOOL   Fri 20 Nov   Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES -  All parents should have received an appointment letter for their Parent Teacher conference schedules for the evenings of Tuesday, November 10 or Thursday, November 12. If you did not receive the appointment letter or if the scheduled time is not convenient, please call the school right away. We hope to have 100% of our parents attend these critically important meetings. This is the time to build that parent/teacher team so that together we can better serve your student(s).

NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13 - Students have a three day weekend coming up. There is no school on  Friday, November 13.

BOOK FAIR- In conjunction with Parent Teacher Conferences, the PTA is sponsoring a Scholastic Book Fair on November 10,11 & 12. Our Reading Thunderbirds should have easy access to books so that they can "Read Every Day!" Take advantage of this opportunity to buy quality children's books. 

THANKS TO THE PTA - The Fall Festival on October 30 was a great activity for children and their families. Thanks to the PTA and the many volunteers who made it happen. And thanks to the community for supporting this activity. The PTA was able to raise money to carry on their many student activities. The staff and the students truly appreciate the PTA and all that they do for our school.

VETERANS' DAY PROGRAM -  Mrs. Sorensen and her amazing 2nd graders will be showing their appreciation for our veterans this Wednesday, November 11 at 1:00 pm. The entire Fairview community is invited to this tribute. And of course, we extend a special invitation to all of our veterans who have served our country and helped to preserve the freedom that all of us enjoy.

THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY -  Wednesday, November 25 will be a "Minimum Day" with a 12 noon dismissal of all students. Then students will get to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday, November 26-27.

FUNDRAISERS AT SCHOOL - We have chosen to limit fundraisers for the school because we know the burden it can put on families. We also know that many other organizations in the community have fundraising efforts of their own during the school year. We are asking that students NOT come to school to sell items or food or ask for pledges.  These fundraising efforts can be disruptive in the school and the students are disappointed when staff members can't support ALL of the students. If your student wants to contact a staff member outside of school, then that is certainly an option. So, please remind your children NOT to take their fundraising efforts to school.

PARENT'S ROLE IN HELPING THEIR CHILDREN TO READ - Our goal is to have EVERY child reading on grade level. How can parents support this effort?

•Ensure that student is at school - on time- every school day.

•TAKE 20 minutes every night to read to and with student.

•Provide the time, place, and support needed to complete homework every night.

•Work as a team with the classroom teacher in order to help student master the essential skills.

•Volunteer in the classroom or school for at least 3 hours each school year.

•Use Power School as a tool to monitor progress of student.

•Attend Parent Teacher Conferences - coming up on November 10 & 12.

STUDENT'S ROLE IN LEARNING TO READ -  Student play the critical role in their own success. What must they do?

•Be in school every school day, on time, and ready to learn.

•Work with all teachers in support of learning - being respectful, listening to and following all instructions, giving 100% effort to accomplish all tasks.

•Be respectful to teachers, staff, and other students.

•Read a minimum of 20 minutes after school and complete all homework each night.

UTAH STATE SCHOOL LAND TRUST FUNDS -  There are 3.3 million acres of school trust lands in Utah granted at statehood to support schools. These lands generate revenue, all of which is saved in the permanent State School Fund. This fund is invested and the interest and dividends are distributed to every public school in the state\ through the School LAND Trust Program. Our Fairview Elementary School Community Council prepares a plan, approved by our local school board, that identifies an academic need and a proposed solution using our annual dividend of about $26,000. In the past we have used this money to fund Teacher Assistants, purchase computers, and buy books and software. This money makes a real difference in our ability to support students! Thanks to our School Community Council and the Utah School Land Trust Program.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE CONNECTION -  The research is now rich with studies showing not only the physical benefits, but also the connection between healthy, fit students and academic success. Movement enhances learning readiness through increased blood flow to the brain. It reduces anxiety and stress and increases concentration with reduced aggression and other disruptive behaviors. As a school, we encourage all students to eat healthy and to walk or run every day. We also encourage students to "get moving" at home and to make good choices in eating. Let's increase our physical activity - and in so doing, improve our students' academic performance.