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28 September 2015



Monday    September 28    Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Friday   October 2   Golden Rule Project Magic Assembly - 10:00 am
Monday   October 5   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Tuesday   October 6   Lunch at 11:05 am for grades 3-6
        Utah Symphony Performance at HS for grades 3-6, 12 noon
Monday   October 12   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   October 14   1st Quarter Ends
Thu-Fri   October 15-16   Convention Days - No School
Monday   October 19   Early Out  - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   October 21   School Photo Make-up Day
Monday   October 26   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Friday   October 30   Halloween Parade 12:30 pm
        Fall Festival - PTA sponsored


Mon 28 Sept    Mandarin Orange Chicken    Mon 5 Oct    Macaroni and Cheese
Tues 29 Sept   BBQ Rib Sandwich   Tues 6 Oct   Turkey Deli Sandwich
Wed 30 Sept   Chicken Alfredo   Wed 7 Oct   Pizza
Thu 1 Oct   Chicken Noodle Soup   Thu 8 Oct   Turkey Gravy with Mashed Potatoes
Fri 2 Oct   Pizza Stix   Fri 9 Oct   Grilled Chicken Sandwich


THE ELECTRONIC THUNDERBIRD - Due to complications with our new email server, we have not been able to send out the newsletter electronically. Wehave been providing hard copies of the newsletter every other Monday to all students. - so we hope that you have been able to keep up with the school's activities. We anticipate that this newsletter will be sent out electronically and that everyone, who has provided an email address will receive a copy via email.

CALENDAR - There was a mistake on the school calendar that was distributed to parents. Friday, December 18 will be a full day of instruction. It will NOT be a minimum day.

GOLDEN RULE PROJECT ASSEMBLY & MAGIC SHOW - The Golden Rule Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of the Golden Rule in schools and communities in Utah. The famous magician, Steffan Soule, will be at our school to help students focus on the power of attention and how they can use their attention to apply the  Golden Rule in a variety of situations. While demonstrating magic effects that visually relate to the curriculum, Steffan transfers methods for anti-bullying in this exciting, positive and educational assembly. As always, parents and other family members are invited to our assemblies -  and this will be great!

UTAH SYMPHONY FOR GRADES 3-6 - Students in grades 3-6 will be going to the High School auditorium on Tuesday, October 6 at 12 noon to hear the Utah Symphony perform. What an amazing opportunity for our students! The full Utah Symphony will play a variety of orchestral music. The conductor will introduce the pieces and help our students to better understand the instruments and the music. Thanks go to the High School music department, the Utah Symphony, and the Utah State Legislature for making this performance possible.

SCHOOL'S AND PTA'S FACEBOOK PAGE - One more way that our amazing PTA is supporting our school is by maintaining a very active Facebook page. If you haven't yet "liked" our Facebook page, just do a Facebook search for "Fairview Elementary PTA" and then look for our school's logo of the choices given. Then check the page regularly as we will try to publish multiple photos every week with comments. We will also include calendar announcements to help you plan for school activities. Thanks again PTA for all you do!!

SR2S - SAFE ROUTE TO SCHOOL - The "Safe Route to School" (SR2S) is attached. Please discuss the route with your child and make sure they follow it carefully. Here are some things to remember:

•Remember that all children should use 200 North and 400 East as much as possible when walking to and from school. These are the streets with sidewalks.

•Students on the west side of town should always cross State STreet at 200 North where we have a crossing guard.

•Students should walk on the sidewalks when they are available. If sidewalks are not available, they should stay to the side and avoid traffic as much as possible. They should be alert to the traffic that is coming their way and step back as needed.

•Students on their bikes should b e extremely carful and stay as far to the right as is possible. Students should slow down at all intersections to check for traffic.

 The comfort and security of living in the small Fairview community can easily lull us into a false sense of security. Please help your children to NOT be complacent as they walk or ride their bikes to and from school. Remember - Safety First! The SR2S map online can be found at http://snapforschools.com/Map_view.aspx?EntityID=1206

WORLD MATH DAY - WORLD MATH DAY 2015 - Our students are excited as they are preparing for the kickoff of World Math Day on october 13. Students go online and race in real time with other students around the world to see who can answer the math problems the fastest. For the past seven years we have competed and it is always difficult to get our students off the computer. They are truly motivated as they race against students in schools all around the world -- in New Jersey, England, Singapore and many other places.

TOP TEN PERCENT SCHOOL - Our school was recently awarded the "Top Ten Percent School" award for "...giving students the very best in language and literacy instruction" while using the Imagine Learning software in grades K-3. The letter of commendation stated, "Your achievement is the result of hard work and dedication on the part of many, including administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents. To your whole team, we want to say than you - for your commitment, your enthusiasm, and your perseverance."

RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE NATIONAL MATHEMATICS ADVISORY PANEL - "It is more important than ever that our students receive solid math instruction in the early grades to prepare them to take and pass algebra and other challenging courses in middle and high school." How can parents help? Here is a quote from this study by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel: "In today's highly competitive economy, solid skills in mathematics, including algebra, are a necessity - not just for scientists and engineers, but for everyone. Being proficient in mathematics helps to improve students' college and career options and to increase their future income levels. Beyond the education, career and economic benefits, a solid background in mathematics helps students to better understand their world and to become good citizens.

"As a parent, you may be anxious about your own math skills or perhaps feel challenged by the difficulty of your child's math homework, but your child will benefit greatly if you maintain a positive, encouraging attitude. And whether or not you completely understand your child's math assignments, you can still help as he or she progresses through school by asking the right questions, helping your child approach the problems with the right attitude, and getting extra help from the teacher or tutor as needed."

"Research shows that a child's goals for and beliefs about learning are related to his or her performance in mathematics. Even i you as a parent feel you are not good in math or perhaps feel uncomfortable with the mathematics being taught in a  given day's lesson, you can still support your child's mathematics learning by showing you value mathematics. Your child will follow suit. Students who believe that their hard work makes them "smarter" are more likely to try harder in mathematics, and their efforts result in better performance. On the other hand, students who believe that intelligence is inborn generally do not achieve as well, and they do not take full advantage of feedback or constructive regarding their performance."