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31 August 2015

Friday    September 4      School Photo Day
Monday   September 7   Labor Day - No School
Tuesday   September 8   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   September 9   Agricultural Day Field Trip to Manti 3rd Grade
        DIBELS Testing & K Assessment for K-3
Thursday-Friday   September 10-11   DIBELS TEsting for grades 4-6
Monday   September 14   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
        Dental Screening for Grades 3 & Grade 1 Quinn
Tuesday   September 15   Walk to School Day
Monday   September 21   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Monday   September 28   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Monday   October 5   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Tuesday   October 6   Lunch at 11:05 am for grades 3-6
        Utah Symphony Performance at HS for 3-6, 12 noon
Monday   October 12   Early Out - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   October 14   1st Quarter Ends
Thursday - Friday   October 15-16   Convention Days - No School


Monday 31 August     Chicken Strips     Monday 7 September     LABOR DAY - No School
Tuesday, 1 September   Hot Dogs   Tuesday 8 September   Chicken Nuggets
Wednesday 2 September   Spaghetti   Wednesday 9 September   Pizza
Thursday 3 September   Hamburger Gravy   Thursday 10 September   Chicken Noodle Soup
Friday 4 September   Grilled Chicken   Friday 11 September   Hamburgers

 BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT  - Thanks to the Fairview community for their support of our "Back-to-School" Night. We had a very large turnout of parents who were able to meet their children's teachers and learn more about what they can do to support their children's education. Education requires parents, teachers and students to be working together as a team. And we want every parent on that team. If you want to meet with your child's teacher, don't wait until Parent Teacher Conferences in November -- call or email your child's teacher and arrange for a time to meet. Teacher's email addresses are relatively simple to remember:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or you can just email the principal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and he will forward your email to the teacher.

School Photos - School photos are this Friday, September 4. The order form was sent home last week. Even if you don't complete the order form and send in the check, your child's photo will be taken so that he/she can be part of the class picture. All students will have their photos taken so be sure to dress up. If you want your child's photo, be sure to complete the order form and put the check or cash in the envelope for the photographer. Even better, you can go online and order your photos. Then there is no need to worry about cash or check - you can use your credit card to order. See the order form for the online address (MYLIFETOUCH.COM) and the "Picture Day ID" (UM335111Q0). Pre-Schoolers can have their pictures taken between 1:00 and 1:30 pm.

PTA Corner -  The PTA is up and running hard! The membership driv is still going on so drop by the school and pick up a membership form. Here are two important activities that PTA is sponsoring:

•T-Shirt Sales - Order forms for school t-shirts and hoodies were sent home with the students last Wednesday. Every Friday is Thunderbird Pride Day and students are encouraged to wear their attire. The PTA is offering school t-shirts at their cost. So, order one for your student and one for yourself. Costs range from $6 for a t-shirt to $21 for a full zip hoodie. Tuesday, September 8 is the deadline for ordering so send the order form back with cash or check. If you need an additional order form, they are available in the front office.

•Walk-To-School Day - All students are invited to walk to school on Tuesday, September 15. Coach Nuttall and the PTA will be welcoming and congratulating students as they come down the school walkway in the morning. Parents who normally drive their children to school, may drop them off at the 400 East 200 North intersection and they can walk from there. Bussed students will be dropped off at this intersection that morning so they can participate in the "Walk-To-School Day."

Dental Screening for 3 Classes - Our school was selected at random to participate in the statewide dental screening being conducted by the Utah Department of Health, Oral Health Program. Mrs. Quinn's 1st grade class, Mrs. Jorgensen's 3rd grade class, and Mrs. Heywood's 3rd grade class were selected to participate. A letter explaining the program and a permission slip has been provided to the parents of all participating students. Thanks for your support of this program.

Free & Reduced Lunch Applications -  We encourage all families who even think that they might be eligible for the "Free & Reduced Lunch Program" to apply. Students and families receive thte benefits and the school receives extra funding - so it is a "win-win"! Also, families who were on the program last year must re-apply no later than October 1. So, fill out the application that was sent to you or drop by the school and pick one up.

Badger String Project - There are still openings for student who would like to play a stringed instrument (violin, cello, bass) to participate in the Snow College sponsored "Badger String Project." The registration fees include private lessons, orchestra classes taught at Fairview Elementary, and large orchestra rehearsals at Snow College. For more information, drop by the school and pick up a brochure.

School Community Council - The School Community Council is an elected group of parents and teachers who work with the school principal in strengthening our school and providing more learning opportunities for our students. They determine how the Trust Lands money will be used. They help to build the School Improvement Plan. It is an important position and we need enthusiastic and positive parents to strengthen this Council. In September we will be electing two new parents to the Council. Please consider running and joingin us! If you're interested, talk to or email the principal, John Allan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

School Emergency Preparedness Plan - Fairview Elementary School has a "School Emergency Preparedness Plan" that is used to increase safety and security at our school. The staff provides safety instruction and practices safety procedures with all students throughout the school year. This includes drills for fire, earthquake, tornado, extreme weather, and lockdowns. If there was a real emergency and it is unsafe to re-enter the school building, students would walk over to the "Rock Church" (131 East 100 North) in Fairview. Parents would be notified by KMTI radio, phone call from teacher, email, web page and/or word of mouth in an emergency situation. If you have questions regarding our plan, please contact Mr. Allan to review it and discuss it with him.

Great Start to the Greatest School Year Ever -  Every year gets better and better at Fairview Elementary School. That is how we can say with a surety that this will be the 
"greatest school year ever!" Our teachers are working hard to design a variety of learning experiences that will challenge your students and help them to grow. As always, we need yhou to let your children know how very important education is in their lives. Success is built upon the foundation of hard work. And if our students are to be successful this year, they need to know how important school is and that their hard work now, will pay great dividends in their futre. We thank you for the support you give your children and the school. Parents, students, and teachers must work together as a TEAM - becasue Together Everyone Achieves More!