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1 February 2016


Monday    February 1    Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Monday   February 8   Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
        Parent Teacher Conferences, 1:30 - 7:00 pm
Tuesday   February 9   Parent Teacher Conferences, 3:30 - 6:00 pm
Friday   February 12   No School (4-day weekend)
Monday   February 15   Presidents' Day - No School
Tuesday   February 16   Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
    February 12-26   High School Food Drive
Tuesday   February 16   Valentine's Day Celebration
Tuesday-Friday   February 16-19   Drug Free Week - PTA Sponsored
Tuesday   February 16   "Lei" off drugs- wear red or Hawaiian clothes (all students given a lei)
Wednesday   February 17   "We're teaming up against drugs" -- wear Sports Team Shirts - Police, Fire Truck, and Ambulance presentation 12:15 pm
Thursday   February 18   'We mustache you to be drug free' wear Mustachase
Friday   February 19   "It's crazy to do drugs! From head to toe I'm drug free" - Crazy Hair and Socks
Monday   February 22   Early Out Day - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   February 24   School Community Council at 3:15 pm
Friday   February 26   Battle of the Books
        Grade 5  8:30-9:30
        Grade 6 9:30 - 10:30
        Grade 4 10:30-11:30


Mon 1 Feb    Sloppy Joes    Mon 8 Feb    Hamburgers
Tues 2 Feb   Ham Deli Sandwiches   Tues 9 Feb   Corn Dogs
Wed 3 Feb   Mandarin Orange Chicken   Wed  10 Feb   Pizza
Thu 4 Feb   Turkey Gravy with Mashed Potatoes   Thu 11 Feb   Chicken Patty with Gravy
Fri 5 Feb   Beef Soft Tacos   Fri 12 Feb   No School

Parent Teacher Conferences -  Appointment notices for Parent Teacher Conferences will be sent out this week. Conferences are scheduled for February 8 and 9. If the scheduled conference time is not convenient, please let your child's teacher know and he/she will re-schedule. We hope to have 100% participation, as we want parents to strengthen their partnership with their children's teacher.

February 12-15, 4-Day Weekend -  Students will get to enjoy a 4-day Presidents' Day weekend from Friday, February 12 to Monday, February 15. Please enjoy this time with your children. We hope to see all of the children back in school on Tuesday, February 16.

Parent Survey about the School -  Over 130 parent surveys have been completed.This represents over half of our students and it means we have a very good sampling of parents' views on the school and the job we are doing in support of your children. But we would love to have 100% of our parents respond before the survey closes on February 18. The purpose of the survey is to gather stakeholder input about our teachers, principal, and school. Responses are anonymous and no personal information is collected. Results will be shared with the Fairview community and used to improve our classrooms and school. The survey is sort, taking less than 10 minutes to complete. And we hope that parents, who have not yet completed a survey, will do so for each of their students.There is a link to the survey on the school website. Or you can take the survey by accessing this URL:

If you do not have a computer, please come and take the survey at the school or you can take it on any public computer such as those available at a public library.

Valentine's Day Celebration -  Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year. And there is no school on February 15 - so the school will celebrate Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 16. Teachers will let students know what activities are planned for their classes.

Take-Home Leveled Readers -  All of our younger students and many of our older students have the "Take-Home Readers" sent home with them 4-5 days each week. First, we want them 4-5 days each week. First, we want to thank Kathie Giles who coordinates the entire program and makes sure that students receive their new reading book on a daily basis. These take-home readers are leveled so that students have books that they are able to read independently. The books are largely high interest so that students not only practice reading but they hopefully enjoy the reading - and the enjoyment of reading is critical to students becoming lifelong readers. Please take advantage of this reading program as it reinforces the reading skills the students learn on a daily basis. It is essential that our students read on a daily basis because we know that the more students read, the better they get at reading. And reading is the foundational skill that all successful students must have.

Please help your students to become better readers by following these steps:

1.  Make a time and place for your children to read every day for at least 20 minutes.

2.  Ask your child to share the take-home reader with you and make sure he/she reads it.

3.  Once your child has read the take-home reader, talk to him/her about the book.

4.  Then put your initials on the form next to the title of the book your child has read, place it back in the plastic bag, and put it in your child's backpack.

5.  Make sure the book is returned to the school - so that a new book can be sent home the next day.

6.  Please take good care of these take-home readers so that they may be circulated for years to come.

Be prompt in Picking Up Children After School -  Please be prompt in picking up your children after school. If you are picking up your students, please be in the school parking lot no later than 3:05 pm (1:05 pm on Mondays). Staff members frequently must wait with students when parents are late or when students are confused about after-school plans. And please be sure to finalize after-school plans with your children prior to them leaving for school in the morning. In emergencies, parents may have to change after-school plans and contact the school. We will certainly get the message to your children but please do what you can to avoid those "emergencies".

PTA Sponsored "Drug Free Week" -  Thanks to our amazing PTA for sponsoring this year's " Drug Free Week." From February 16-19, students will be invited to dress up in different ways on each of the four days that week. Please review the calendar above so you can help your student prepare for enjoying this week.