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4 January 2016

Monday    January 4    Students Return to School - WELCOME BACK!
        Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
    January 4-29   DIBELS testing for grades 4-6
Friday   January 8   2nd Quarter Report Cards go home w/ students
Monday   January 11   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
M-F, M-F   January 11-22   SAGE Interim Testing
    Jan 14 - Feb 18   Student, Teacher, & Parent Survey - Online
Friday   January 15   DIBELS Testing - grades K-3
Monday   January 18   Martin Luther King Day - No School
Tuesday   January 19   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
Wednesday   January 27   School Community Council at 3:15 pm
Monday   February 1   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
Monday   February 8   Early Out Day - 1 pm dismissal
        Parent Teacher Conferences 1:30 - 7:00 pm
Tuesday   February 9   Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30 - 6:00 pm
Friday   February 12   No School
Monday   February 15   President's Day - No School


Mon 4 Jan    Mandarin Orange Chicken       Mon 11 Jan    Soft Beef Tacos
Tues 5 Jan   BBq Rib Sandwich   Tues 12 Jan   Ham Deli Sandwich
Wed 6 Jan   Chicken Alfredo   Wed 13 jan   Pizza Stix
Thurs 7 Jan   Chicken Fried Steak   Thurs Jan 14   Roast Turkey Gravy
Fri 8 Jan   Chicken Nuggets   Fri 15 Jan   Grilled Chicken Sandwich


REPORT CARDS GOING HOME ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 8 - Report cards for the 2nd quarter will be sent home with students this Friday, January 8. The Thunderbirds have worked hard and students have made considerable progress. Please make sure to carefully review your children's report cards and help them to see the good things they're doing and then help them to see what more they can do to make even greater progress. Please email or call your child's teacher if you have questions or need any additional information. Together, let's build a stronger school home partnership and make sure that every one of our students "achieves their Thunder dreams." If you do not receive your child's report card on January 8, please contact the school and we will send you another copy.

NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY, JANUARY 18 - Don't forget that there is no school on Monday, January 18. It is Martin Luther King Day and a federal holiday. Enjoy the three-day weekend! And don't forget that Tuesday, January 19 will be an Early Out Day. The next newsletter will be sent to you on Tuesday, January 19.

ONLINE PARENT SURVEY - you will soon be receiving information on how you can take our online survey where you will have the opportunity to let us know how we are doing as a school in support of your children. We would like to have nearly 100% of parents participate in this survey. So we are asking you to take the survey. With the feedback you provide, we want to take steps to make our school even more effective in providing a world-class educational program for every child. As soon as we receive the logon information, we will let you know via email, FaceBook, and a flyer that will be sent home. Thanks for your anticipated support.

PARENTS EMPOWERED - ParentsEmpowered is a statewide initiative aimed at eliminating underage drinking in Utah. By providing parents with the proven skills to help keep kids alcohol-free, ParentEmpowered wants to improve the health and wellness of Utah communities by encouraging parents to establish close relationships with their children, set clear rules about "no underage drinking" and monitor their kids' social activities. together, parents and community advocates can help to keep Utah's kids free from the dangers of underage drinking. Later on this week, we will be sending home with students the ParentsEmpowered Magazine.  We encourage you to sit down with your child(ren) and review the articles in this magazine about the dangers of underage drinking. If you then fill out the slip of paper stapled to the magazine, your child will be entered into a prize drawing.

HOMEWORK AND CLASS WORK - As we now begin the 3rd quarter of the school year, we want to encourage students to strive for excellence in all of their schoolwork. Many students understand the learning objectives - but because they do not complete or hand in their assignments their grades suffer. Teachers in grades 3-6 record all assignments and tests in PowerSchool. Parents should take advantage of this powerful on-line tool to monitor all assignment and tests in PowerSchool. Parents of students in grades K-2 can check regularly with their child's teacher to ensure that assignments being completed and turned in. It often takes a firm and loving parent to teach their child about the importance of completing all schoolwork.

At home, make sure that your children have a designated place to complete their homework. Turn off the TV and other distractions so that students can concentrate - which means they are likely to finish their work more quickly and it's more likely to be correct. Set aside enough time for your children to finish their work without rushing. Really learning something takes time and effort. When your child just "isn't getting it," make sure you talk  to your child's teacher. Most importantly, help your child to take the completed homework and to put it in their backpack or folder so that they can remember to turn it in the next morning. Let's get 100% of class work and homework turned in - so that your child will be more successful in school.

 FREE ACCESS TO NATIONAL PARKS FOR 4TH GRADERS AND THEIR FAMILIES - If you have a 4th grader and you would like a free National Parks pass for your family, go to: www.everykidinapark.gov. It's a great deal!

SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL - Our School Community Council will meet on Wednesday, January 27 at 3:10 pm at the school. This is an open public meeting and we encourage school community members to join us as teachers and parents work together to make our school even better. Randee Jaques, Jeana Ence, Nathan Hungtington, and Jenni Klunker are your elected parent representatives. You are encouraged to discuss school issues with them so that they can then bring them to the Council. You can also email the principal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will pass your comments on to the School Community Council.

PARKING LOT SAFETY - On December 10, there was a school parking lot accident in Lehi where a young preschooler was hit by a car and later died. We must do everything possible to prevent anything like this happening in our school community. Consider the following:

•  Be so careful as you pull in and out of the parking lot. Drive very slowly  and always stop at the crosswalk.

•  Remind your children to always use the crosswalk and sidewalks and to be aware of moving cars. If you are walking with them, please be a good example and always use the crosswalk and sidewalks.

•Remember that children have a tendency to run out between cars if they see a parent or friend. As drivers, expect the unexpected - and be aware of what is happening around you. Watch for children.

•  Children should always be set belted in the car -  even if it is only a 2-minute drive to the house. It is the law and it is the right thing to do.

•  If you are walking with pre-schoolers, hold on to them and never let them out of your sight.

•  Drive slowly. Focus %100 on your driving. -  leave he cell phone alone while driving in the parking lot.