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Calendar   Lunch Menu
Jan 30-31   Parent Teacher Conferences   Monday, Jan 29   BBQ Rib Sandwiches
Feb. 1   Start of Food Drive - High School Student Council visit   Tuesday, Jan 30   Mini Corn Dogs
Feb. 5   Bookmobile   Wednesday, Jan 31   Pizza
Feb. 8   Community Council, 3:00 pm   Thursday, Feb 1   Beef Taco
Feb. 12-15   Red Ribbon Week, No Drugs, No Bullies   Friday, Feb 2   Chicken Strips
Feb. 14   Valentine's Day        
Feb. 16   No School, PTC Compensation Day   Monday, Feb 5   Mandarin Orange Chicken
Feb. 19   No School, President's Day   Tuesday, Feb 6   Cheese Burger
Mar. 2   Last Day of Food Drive   Wednesday, Feb 7   Pizza
    First Round, Battle of the Books, Grades 4-6   Thursday, Feb 8   Chicken Noodle Soup
Mar. 5   Literacy Week   Friday, Feb 9   PB&J Sandwich
Mar. 7   Spring Pictures   Monday, Feb 12   Teriyaki Chicken
Mar. 8   Community Council, 3:00 pm   Tuesday, Feb 13   Turkey Deli
Mar. 9   End of 3rd Quarter   Wednesday, Feb 14   Cheese Rippers
    Battle of the Books Final   Thursday, Feb 15   Chicken Sandwich
        Friday, Feb 16   No School
        Monday, Feb 19   No School

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES - Appointment notices for Parent Teacher Conferences went out last week. Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, January 30 & 31. if you are unsure of your time, please call the front office. If you need to change your appointment time, please email your child's teacher directly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Our goal is to have 100% participation, please help us with this. We want to strengthen partnerships with parents, teachers, and children.

POWERSCHOOL UPDATE - Recently, we had a major bump with technology in our district that affected PowerSchool. Some data was lost, but many amazing people have worked very hard to get everything back up and running again. You should be able to access PowerSchool online. If you see any problems, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks to all who worked to restore PowerSchool and the data in it.

NO SCHOOL FEBRUARY 16-19, 4 DAY WEEKEND - Students will enjoy a 4 day President's Day weekend beginning Friday, February 16. Please enjoy this time with your children. We hope to see all of the students back in school Tuesday, February 20.

ATTENDANCE - Attendance this time of year becomes tricky. We understand that there is alot of sickness going around. It is important for your children to attend school everyday. 

When is sick too sick for school?

Send me to school if...

I hae a runny nose or just a little cough, but no other symptoms. I haven't taken any fever reducin medication for 24 hours, and I haven't had a fever during that time. I haven't thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours.

Keep me at home if...

I have a temperature higher than 99.6 degrees even after taking medication. I'm throwing up or have diarrhea. My eyes are pink and crusty.

The bell rings to start school at 8:15 am every morning. Please arrive before then. If your child is eating breakfast, they should be at school at 8:00 am so they have plenty of time to eat before class begins at 8:15 am. Please help your child develop good habits that will help them be successful for the rest of their life by making sure they are at school on time.

BE A H.E.R.O. - SHOES FOR AFRICA - Miss Sanpete County, Mickayla Jackson, came and spoke to several schools, including ours. She taught about her service platform called H.E.R.O. It is an acronum that stands for Honor, Education, Respect, and Others. She believes and wants everyone to believe that they can become a H.E.R.O. by honoring who they are and where they come from, respecting everything and everyone around them, receiving an education, not only in school but also in the world around them, and then turning and serving others. Michayla has an opportunity for all of us to serve. She is collecting shoe donations for Burkina, Faso Africa. These shoes can be any size, type, or in any condition. All donations are appreciated and will be used for a good cause. there is a drop-off box just inside the doors to the school.


Remember to teach concrete skills to your kids. When your child is having a problem with something. Hone in, focusing on the specific skill needed or the skill missing. Their brain development is in a place where explicit teaching is not only a good idea, but also necessary. Too often we think kids just know, or should know how to do something, how to act, how to respond...If they are struggling with it, there is a good chance they haven't been taught and maybe don't know, or haven't had enough practice. Sometimes we must teach the same skill over and over until they have it solid.

Make yourself stop and really think about, "What is the situation?" & "What skill(s) do they need to fix this or to be successful?" Then explicitly teach and practice the missing skill(s).

Example: Your child is having trouble with talking out of turn or blurting out. Point out that this is a problem for them and let them know that this is something you would like to help them work on. Most important part - explicitly teach what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to speaking out. A good idea is to choose a sign or signal you can give them if they are talking when they shouldn't be. Then really focus in to remind them when an infraction is made. Reteach again, if you need to, keep practicing and soon you should see success.