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18 December 2017

 Dec. 19    Miss Sanpete Assembly    Monday, Dec. 18   Sloppy Joes 
 Dec. 20    NetSmartz Assembly    Tuesday, Dec. 19   Turkey Deli 
     6th Grade Battle of the Books Movie    Wednesday, Dec. 20   Pizza Stix 
 Dec. 21   4th Grade Battle of the Books Movie     Thursday, Dec. 21   Hamburgers 
 Dec. 22   End of 2nd Quarter     Friday, Dec. 22   PB&J Sandwich 
     Early Out 1:00 pm Dismissal        
 Dec. 25   Merry Christmas!!!    Monday, Jan. 1    No School 
Jan. 1    Happy New Year!     Tuesday, Jan. 2   No School 
 Dec 25-Jan 2   Christmas Break, No School     Wednesday, Jan. 3   Pizza Stix 
 Jan 3   Welcome Back     Thursday, Jan. 4   Turkey Gravy 
    First Day of 3rd Quarter     Friday, Jan. 5   Cheeseburger 

EARLY RELEASE OF SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22 - Change of plans. Friday will be an early release day. During the latest School Board Meeting, the board approved a 1:00 pm release for all schools in the North Sanpete School District before Christmas. This is the last day of school prior to the Christmas break. Morning kindergarten will meet from 8:15-10:15. Afternoon kindergarten will meet from 11:00-1:00.

We are planning a Polar Express Day. Students are invited to wear their pajamas to school. We will sing around the Christmas tree and enjoy a story read by Mrs. Mower. Students will also be invited to sip on some hot chocolate, We will welcome the Reading Thunderbirds back to school at 8:00 am on Wednesday, January 3, 2018. 

SCIENCE FAIR - The Science Fair was a huge success. Our 5th and 6th graders are AMAZING! They spent so much time researching and experimenting for their projects. Thank you to all parents who helped your child. A big shout out to Mr. Wright for organizing this event! He puts in a lot of time and effort preparing the school and students for this big day. Thank you Mr. Wright! Congratulations to our winners! You can check them out on our Facebook page.

STUDENTS ARRIVING LATE TO SCHOOL - When students arrive late to school, their learning - as well as the learning of the other students in the class - is disrupted. We strongly recommend that parents help their students to do everything possible to arrive at school on time. Students should be at school no later than 8:15 am when the morning bell rings. After 8:20 am, students are considered "tardy". Breakfast is served from 8:00 am - 8:15 am. If your student arrives after that, they need to go straight to class. Please remember that our children develop good and bad habits early in life that carry through to high school and to the workplace. Being tardy or absent excessively are NOT habits we want our children to develop for high school or for the workplace. So please, help your children to always be in school and on time.

REPORT CARDS GO HOME ON MONDAY, JANUARY 8 - Second quarter report cards will be sent home with the students on Monday, January 8 - which is the first Monday after students return from the Christmas break.

BEST PRACTICES PARENT TIP - Avoid Talking in Catastrophic Terms. Pay attention to what you say to your kids or around them. When we say things like - "If you don't learn to read better, they're going to hold you back." or another example, "It's really important you lean how to swim because it'd be devastating to me if you drowned." - we are not helping them. When we talk catastrophically they lose a sense of control or power in their life and some kids are certain that these things WILL certainly happen to them. Remember kids are concrete (literal) thinkers and have not had enough life experiences yet to know the probability of happenings.

The truth is catastrophe rarely happens, and yet these what-ifs we plant in their heads can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety, worry, and fear. Fear is paralyzing and stops their ability to build resilience. We feel like we are doing them a favor by giving them the worse case scenarios, but it actually backfires, instead of pushing them forward, it puts a sudden halt in their progression.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR - Since this is the last newsletter prior to the Christmas break, the faculty and staff at the Fairview Elementary School wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! We are honored to work with your beautiful children and so proud of the work they have done so far this year. They deserve the very best. Be safe. Read lots. Enjoy family and friends. Count your blessings. And love those kids - the greatest of all your blessings!