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14 September 2015

Tuesday    September 15    Walk To School Day - PTA Sponsored
Friday   September 18   Summer Elevator Celebration at 2:00 pm
Monday   September 21   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Monday   September 28   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Friday   October 2   Golden Rule Project Magic Assembly - tentatively scheduled
Monday   October 5   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Tuesday   October 6   Lunch at 11:05 am for grades 3-6
        Utah Symphony Performance at HS for grades 3-6, 12 noon
Monday   October 12   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   October 14   1st Quarter Ends
Thu - Fri   October 15-16   Convention Days - No School
Monday   October 19   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Wednesday   October 21   School Photos Make-Up Day
Monday   October 26   Early Out - 1pm dismissal
Friday   October 30   Halloween Parade at 12:30 pm
        Fall Festival - PTA sponsored


Monday 14 Sept    Sloppy Joes            Monday 21 Sept    Chicken Nuggets
Tuesday 15 Sept   Chicken Strips   Tuesday 22 Sept   Corn Dogs
Wednesday 16 Sept   Teriyaki Chicken   Wednesday 23 Sept   Pizza Stix
Thursday 17 Sept   Turkey Roast  Gravy   Thursday 24 Sept   Chicken Fried Steak
Friday 18 Sept   Soft Beef Taco   Friday 25 Sept   Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

I PLEDGE R.E.D. - We will soom be asking all students to "Pledge R.E.D." This means they will be pledging to Read Every Day (RED). And we hope you will also join the movement to Read Every Day because we know that as a family reads together, everyone grows and improes their reading abilities. As you know, reading is one of the primary keys to success in school and in life. So, make it a :"family affair" and a family expectation that everyone reads every day after school. The "I Pledge R.E.D" is part of the Road to Success program where students record their at-home reading and then improve their chances of winning a bicycle or iPod as well as valuable coupons.

OVERDRIVE - OverDrive is a digital book library that will soon be available to ALL of our students both at school and at home. You and your children will be able to download books at school or at home - and it works on any device (Android tablet, iPad,Smart Phone, home computer, etc.) Internet is not required for reading once the book is fownloaded so your children will be able to read at home, in the car, or in the mountains. There are over 3000 children's book titles in various reading levels. There are also audiobooks that you can check out an display in the car. Mrs. Galecki (computer teacher) and Mrs. Hansen (school librarian) will be working with the students and will soon provide the information you will need to use any of your computer devices. Please take advantage of this amazing service for students and their families.

PTA CORNER -  The PTA is our school's #1 supporter. We thank the PTA and all of you who have joined with them to make our school a better place for our children. Here are some things to remember:

T-Shirt Sales -  T-shirt sales have ended and the order has been placed. We hope that within 10-14 days we  will get our order and distribute them to students. Thanks for your great support of this initiative. And don't forget that every Friday is "Thunderbird Pride Day" when all students and staff are encouraged to wear their school t-shirts and sweatshirts. Go Thunderbirds!

Walk-To-School Day -  Don't forget that ALL students are encouraged to "Walk To School" on Tuesday, September 15  Students who ride the bus will be dropped off on 400 East 200 North so they can enjoy the fun. Coach Nuttall (our PE Teacher) the PTA, and Mr. Allan will meet the children as they walk down the 200 North pathway. The PTA will provide a small treat for all walkers. As we focus on W.O.W (Working on Wellness,) we hope that all students will walk more and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

 FaceBook Friends -  If you haven't yet "liked" the Fairview Elementary School PTA FaceBook page, we encourage you to do so. The PTA, Janae, and Mr. Allan will be posting regularly and working hard to make this page a valuable tool to improve communication between home and school. We will include reminders of upcoming events, photos of the students, and information about the many learning activities going on at our school. In order to find our page, do a search for the "Fairview Elementary PTA." There are seven Fairview Elementary PTA's so make sure you click on the one with our Thunderbird logo. Encourage all family members to like our page so they can keep up with all that is going on  at our school.

SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL -  The School Community Council is an elected group of parents and teachers who work with the school principal in strengthening our school and providing more learning opportunities for our students. They determine how the Trust Lands money will be used. They help to build the School Improvement Plan. It is an important position and we need enthusiastic and positive parents to strengthen this Council. We will soon be electing two new parents to the Council. Please consider running and joining us! If you're interested, talk to or email the principal, John Allan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

SUMMER ELEVATOR CELEBRATION -  This Friday, September 18 we will have our Summer Elevator celebration for all of the students who earned at leaset 100 points on their Summer Elevator calendar this past summer. We congratulate those nearly 40 students who participated. We know that they are less likely to slip down the "summer slide" that holds students back from reaching their full academic potential. Make sure that you do everything possible to keep your children academically active in the summers, holidays, and weekends. Encouraging your children to read for a minimum of 20 minutes at home is one of the best things that you can do - along with completing all homework and classroom assignments.

"TAKE 20" - THE MOST IMPORTANT 20 MINUTES OF YOUR DAY - At Fairview Elementary School, we are committed to having every child reading independently and read well. We know that the ability to read is the foundation for school success and that involvement by parents can dramatically increase reading skills. That is why the staff at Fairview has embraced the motto, "TAke 20! Read with your child-the most important 20 minutes of your day", which we display at the top of each newsletter. We are the Reading Thunderbirds! To get better at what we do (reading), we need to consistently practice and so we need your help! Twenty minutes a day can and will make a significant difference in your child's academic success throughout his/her life! The single most important predictor of reading success in school is that a parent read regularly with or to their children. In the words of Jim Trelease, nationally recognized read  aloud advocates: "The more you read, the better you get at it; the better you get at it, the more you like it; and the more you like it, the more you do it. The more you read, the more you know; amd the more you know, the smarter you grow." Please join us and make a commitment to "Take 20!" everyday!

WORKING ON WELLNESS (W.O.W.)  - As a school we want to Work On Wellness so we can say "WOW!" We work every day on our academic wellness, a we becme better readers and mathematicians. But we also work on  our physical wellness with physical education instruction on a weekly basis and a 5-minute walk/run every day We also try to choose healthy foods that are provided by our school cafeteria. Please join with us and make Working On Wellness a family activity.