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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  X-6
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:  12/06/2011
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Subject:  Pupil Transportation

Transportation's goal is to provide safe transportation to and from school for eligible students. These rules and regulations are for the student's safety.

North Sanpete School District is legally responsible to transport all school-age children, K-6 who live one and one-half miles or more from their designated school and students in grades 7-12 who live two miles or more from their designated school. The School District reserves the right, within limits prescribed by law, either to provide or to pay in lieu of transportation. The School District reserves the right to suspend bus privileges for behavior reasons to ensure the safety of all riders. The school bus is an extension of the school building and campus. All District and school rules are in effect on the school bus.


  1. To and from school is defined as from the student's assigned bus stop to the school of enrollment and back to his/her originating bus stop after school. Students are to be picked up and dropped off at the same stop.
  2. Students to be transported must appear on the regular approved transportation list.
  3. The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Students are expected to follow the same rules on the school bus as they follow in school.
  4. Parents are responsible to get children to and from bus stops. Until the student steps on the school bus, parents are responsible for their child's safety and conduct.
  5. School District employees who receive reports of student misconduct at or near bus stops should notify parents, police officers, or law enforcement agencies, as necessary.
  6. Boarding the bus:
    1. Students must form an orderly line a safe distance from the bus.
    2. Wait for the bus driver's signal before boarding.
    3. Enter the bus one at a time using the handrail.
    4. Go to your seat and sit down immediately.
    5. Place items on your lap or under your seat.
    6. Items that will not fit under the seat or on your lap are not permitted.
  7. Conduct while riding the bus. Follow bus driver's directions immediately:
    1. Remain seated while on the bus.
    2. Keep hands, arms, head, and all parts of the body inside the bus at all times.
    3. Remain facing forward and talk in normal voice tone.
    4. Refrain from loud and/or vulgar language.
    5. Food or drink may only be consumed on the bus with special permission from the bus driver.
  8. Exiting the bus:
    1. Stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop.
    2. Walk quietly down the aisle keeping your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    3. Use the handrail when exiting the school bus.
    4. Immediately walk at least 12 feet from the bus.
  9. At bus stops that require students to cross a main thoroughfare:
    1. Students are instructed to look both ways and wait for the driver to signal when it is alright to cross.
    2. Look both ways again and proceed, in front of the bus, when it is safe to do so.
  10. Students must use the following procedure for crossing a roadway when exiting the bus:
    1. Walk at least 12 feet away from the side of the bus to a position where the bus driver can see the student.
    2. Walk to a location at least 12 feet in front of the right corner of the bumper, but still away from the front of the bus.
    3. Be at the right edge of the roadway.
    4. At this distance the student should be able to see the bus driver.
    5. When a student reaches the edge of the roadway, he/she should:
      1. Stop and look in all directions, making sure the roadway is clear and safe.
      2. Check to see if the red flashing lamps are still flashing, all cars are stopped, and the roadway is clear.
      3. Wait for the bus driver's signal before crossing the roadway.
      4. Upon the driver's signal, the students should look both ways and walk across the roadway when it is safe to do so.
  11. Removal of Bus Privileges:
    1. Behavior that poses a direct threat to the welfare, safety, and morals of the student, other students, school personnel, or to the safe operation of the school bus may result in a loss of bus privileges.
    2. Unless a student is placed in the custody of a law enforcement agency or another District employee, drivers will not require a student to disembark the bus for misconduct unless it is at their assigned bus stop or the designated school.
    3. The principal or designee has permission to implement immediate removal from the bus if such behavior poses a direct threat to themselves or others.
    4. The following are examples of conduct that students will be removed from the bus but not limited to:
      1. Students who refuse to promptly obey the driver's direction may lose bus privileges.
      2. Possessing drugs, imitation drugs or other controlled substances, or including drug paraphernalia or intent to sell.
      3. Willful destruction or defacing School District property.
      4. Exiting any emergency exit in a non-emergency situation.
      5.  Possession control or threatened use of a real weapon explosive or noxious flammable material or the sale of.
      6. Actual or threatening language with intent to intimidate another person or to disrupt normal school bus activities.
      7. Sexual harassment or bullying, including verbal intimidation and threats.

Transportation will establish bus stops and routes in accordance with state standards and regulations.

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