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Board Policy With Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-39
Effective Date:  11/14/2003
Revised Date:
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Subject  Student Privacy                                      


This policy defines student privacy rights and procedures for giving tests and conducting surveys, which elicit certain types of information from a student.  By adopting this policy, the Board seeks to protect the parent-child relationship and student privacy rights in balance with sound educational needs and practices.


  1. No test, survey, analysis or evaluation shall be conducted which elicits the following types of information from a student unless written permission is obtained from the student’s parent or guardian:
    1. Information concerning the student’s family members;
    2. Student’s political affiliation (except that nothing in this policy shall be construed to prevent any instructional activity, performance, or display which includes examination of or presentations about politics and political parties or their influence on art, literature, law, history, or any other element of curriculum);
    3. Mental or psychological problems of the student;
    4. Sexual behavior, orientation or attitudes;
    5. Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior;
    6. Critical appraisals of the student or family members;
    7. Religious affiliation or beliefs;
    8. Any privileged information under the law; and
    9. Income, except as required by law.

  2. A parent or guardian shall be given written notice of the following prior to conducting test, evaluations, analysis or examinations covered by this policy:
    1. the education or survey questions to be asked;
    2. that the full test, examination or survey is available for inspection at the school; and
    3. that the parent may have reasonable opportunity to obtain information at the school regarding:
      1. records of information that may be examined
      2. the means in which the information shall be examined or reviewed;
      3. the means by which information is to be obtained;
      4. the purposes for which the records are needed;
      5. the persons or entities who will access the records.
  1. The permission to test, examine or conduct surveys as provided in this policy may be withdrawn by a written statement signed by the parent or guardian delivered to the school principal.

  2. A parent or guardian can consent either to a specific test, examination or survey or give a general consent for the student.

  3. This policy shall be communicated to teachers during teacher orientation at the beginning of each school year.