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V-38: Educational Field Trip, Activity, and Off Campus Transportation

North Sanpete School District
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Board Policy with Guidelines                

 Policy Number:  V - 38
Effective Date: 03/11/2003
Revised Date:
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Subject: Student Educational Field Trip, Activity, and Off Campus Transportation

North Sanpete School District recognizes the value of co-curricular activities, interscholastic competition and field trips as a valuable extension of the classroom. This policy is to provide rules and guidelines to ensure safe and efficient activity transportation in support of learning opportunities provided for students out of the regular classroom and off campus.


  1. The use of district vehicles or commercial means of transportation is allowed. The use of private automobiles is not allowed with the exception that a parent/guardian may transport his/her own student from an event with the permission of the activity advisor.
  2. Drivers of school buses and all other vehicles used to transport students shall comply with all United States Department of Transportation rules regarding the number of hours that a driver may operate a vehicle, how often breaks must be taken and all other applicable rules governing drive time and related matters. Drivers are encouraged at a minimum to stop at least every two hours for a rest break for themselves and their passengers.
  3. Drivers of school buses and other vehicles used to transport students shall comply with all general traffic and safety regulations and any and all regulations applicable to their licenses. Any school employee in violation of this rule is subject to the imposition of disciplinary action up to termination of employment.
  4. No group officially associated with and recognized by the school district may at any time utilize any vehicle for the transportation of students whose design capacity exceeds ten passengers and the driver except for a properly
    licensed and equipped school buses. The school district, school representatives and others recognized and associated with the school district shall not rent, lease or otherwise contract for vans or other vehicles that exceed the design capacity of ten passengers and the driver when the vehicle is utilized for the transportation of students. This rule does not apply to commercial buses
  5. All passengers and the driver of every vehicle, shall use seat belts at all times while in the vehicle. The driver of a school bus shall use a seat belt at all times while operating the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that this rule is followed.
  6. Any official and authorized transportation of students more than 250 miles distance from the home school or another central location must be done on a school bus with an authorized properly licensed driver or on a commercial carrier.
  7. Under no circumstances shall students be officially authorized, required or in any way encouraged to drive other students to school activities. No student shall be authorized to act as an agent driver for the school district. Students attending off/campus curricular offerings must have a signed informed consent form on file to drive a personal vehicle to the site.
  8. Any trip not by bus of students shall not begin between the hours of 11:00- p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Any trip which begins before 11:00 p.m. shall be able to be completed before 1:30 a.m.. If it cannot be completed by 1:30 am., a rest stop until at least 5:00 a.m. should be included in the travel plans. The 1:30 a.m. completion rule does not apply to school bus or commercial bus travel.
  9. If passenger vehicles are used for the transportation of students the drivers of these vehicles must successfully complete a district approved driving program which must include actual experience operating the type of vehicle the driver will be operating. These drivers must take sufficient time on pre-trip procedure to familiarize themselves with the location of all
    switches for lights, windshield wipers, cruise control etc. before beginning any trip. Drivers will be certified and authorized to operate specific district vehicles. All drivers shall be properly licensed and must be at least 21 years of age.
  10. The driver of any vehicle used to transport students must ensure that all items in the vehicle are properly secured so that they do not come loose in the case of a sudden stop or accident.
  11. Travel in adverse or stormy weather should be discouraged.


  1. It is the responsibility of the principal to ensure that at least one supervising teacher or advisor ride with each bus load of students.
  2. An increase in the above teacher to student ratio may be required by the principal.


  1. North Sanpete District, District Schools or School Organizations will not sponsor out-of-state travel.
    1. The district recognizes that parents, students and individuals may wish to sponsor and facilitate educational/activity related experiences for student groups and individuals out-of-state that go beyond the scope of district responsibility.
    2. The District requests that those sponsoring out-of-state travel during the school year consider the effect on students' overall education and school success.
    3. Students may be excused from school by parents/guardians for educational activity travel that meets State and District guidelines as contained in law and policy. An excused absence does not excuse students from the requirements of classes or assignments missed during non-school/non-district sponsored travel. School policy and procedures must be followed for students to be properly excused.
    4. School personnel involved with out-of-state travel involving students must comply with State/District ethics laws and policies. (District Policy IV-67, Section 67-16 UCA)
    5. Personnel participating in non-district approved travel will be required to follow the district leave policies.
  2. Applied Technology Education Leadership Organizations (ATELLO) may be granted board approval for out-of-state travel when the state organization recommends and sponsors travel as part of the curriculum and as long as the State and School Charter is in effect. Students and teachers would be considered to be on "School Business".
  3. Overnight trips are permissible under the following guidelines:
    1. In-state - overnight trips sponsored by high school require approval of the Principal.
    2. In-state - more than one night trips require approval by the Principal and Superintendent. UHSAA approved and sanctioned activities require approval of the Principal.
    3. Overnight trips for middle school and elementary students are discouraged and require the approval of the Board of Education.
    4. The following guidelines apply to overnight travel;
      1. Travel may not exceed 400 miles one way.
      2. Absence from school must not exceed four consecutive days.
    5. An activity-specific parent/guardian consent form will be signed by a parent or guardian prior to any trip involving overnight travel. The consent form will disclose the nature of all of the activities that the students will participate in. It must also include permission to participate in the trip, emergency contact telephone numbers, permission to provide emergency medical care, and health and accident insurance policy information.
    6. It is the principal's/advisor's responsibility to insure adherence to all Board policies including the following:
      1. All passengers will wear seat belts whenever the vehicle is moving if the vehicle is equipped with seat belts.
      2. A driver may not drive more than 400 miles in one day, except for a trip within the state when the return trip is preceded by at least three hours of non-driving activity and begins before 11:00 P.M.
      3. Trips will be planned in order to avoid late night driving whenever possible.
      4. Use of student drivers is never allowed.
      5. Both male and female chaperones are required if both male and female students are involved in overnight travel. Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.
      6. School district vehicles may only be driven by school employees, or officially approved activity advisors, coaches or volunteers who have met the requirements of this policy under #9 General Provisions (District Driver Program Training).
      7. The proper transportation request forms must be completed in a timely manner and approved at each level--school and district.


  1. Get emergency help as needed. Take care of students and school personnel.
  2. Notify principal by phone immediately and document all circumstances related to the accident. Bus drivers will notify transportation personnel.
  3. The principal will initiate efforts to notify parents.
  4. The principal will notify the superintendent.


Parent or Guardian:

For students enrolled in Vocational/Technical or Alternative Programs offered on the Snow College Campus the School District is providing transportation for both morning and afternoon sessions.

The District and Administration does not advise or feel it is a good practice to have students drive or ride in private cars to these classes.

If your student drives or rides in a private car, it must be done with your written permission.

You must realize that the North Sanpete School District cannot accept responsibility for any difficulty or accident encountered while the student is traveling by any means other than district transportation between the high school and out of district classes and programs.

It is also recommended that all students be covered by some form of accident and medical insurance. Student insurance is available through the school and the district at a nominal cost. Forms are available in the school office. In most cases, students are covered under an insurance plan of their parents or guardians.

The school is requiring that this form be completed and returned to the school for student to attend classes at the Snow College Campus or other location. I have read the above policy statement and agree that if my student is to drive or ride in a private vehicle that I release North Sanpete School District and its agents from all responsibility.






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Parent or Guardian


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