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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-21
Effective Date:  09/14/1999
Revised Date:
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Subject: Student Conduct on School Buses


Buses are provided for those students who live a distance from school or have health concerns which make this service essential. The State Board of Education guidelines make available bus transportation for elementary students who live 1.5 miles from the school and for secondary students who live 2.0 miles from the school.


  1. The rules for riding the bus are designed to ensure safety, order, and the protection of the rights of students and adults on the bus. The Bus Rules are:
    1. Follow all directions of the bus driver promptly.
    2. Approach the bus only after it has completely stopped and the driver motions students forward.
    3. Remain seated in assigned seat while bus is moving.
    4. Be courteous to everyone at all times.
    5. No fighting, loud noise, profanities, or obscene gestures.
    6. Keep head, hands, feet and other objects to self.
    7. No throwing objects inside the bus or out of windows.
    8. No flame-producing objects on the bus.
    9. Follow driver's directions regarding food and drink.
    10. Ride only assigned bus and exit the bus at the assigned stop unless a permission slip is obtained from the principal.
    11. No tampering with emergency door or other bus equipment.
  2. While the law requires the school district to furnish transportation, it does not relieve parents of students from the responsibility of supervision until such time as the child boards the bus in the morning and after the child leaves the bus at the end of the school day.
  3. Once a child boards the bus--and only at that time--does he or she become the responsibility of the school district. Such responsibility shall end when the child is delivered to the regular bus stop at the close of the school day.
  4. In cases when a child does not conduct himself properly on a bus, such instances are to be brought to the attention of the building principal by the bus driver, through use of the "School Bus Incident Report."
  5. Children who become a serious disciplinary problem on the school bus may have their riding privileges suspended by the principal. In such case, the parents of the children involved become responsible for seeing that their children get to and from school safely.
  6. Consequences for Disobedience to Bus Rules:
    1. Verbal warning, parent notification, and reassignment of seating are possible consequences the driver may use to help students improve their behavior.
    2. Bus privileges may be suspended for habitual breaking of rules or severe behavior which endangers the safety and welfare of others. Examples are: open defiance of driver, physical endangerment to others, vandalism or property destruction, and having flame or smoke-producing objects on the bus.