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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-28
Effective Date:  11/10/1992
Revised Date:
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Subject:   Programs for Students with Disabilities

All students in the North Sanpete School District, including students with disabilities, shall be provided with an appropriate public education at public expense. We recognize the worth and dignity of each individual pupil and his/her right to self-direction and self-actualization.

The rules and guidelines for working with students eligible for special education and related services in the district are contained in the North Sanpete School District Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual. These policies and procedures are based directly on the Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rules which conform to current Federal Law. Copies of this manual are in each school site administrator's office and each special education teacher's classroom, as well as at the district office.

Students who are eligible for special accommodations under Section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973 are those who have substantial mental or physical impairments that limit one or more of the major life activities. Reasonable accommodation in the educational program and in physical facilities need to be made to enable these students to program in their educational programs. The impartial hearing procedure for formal complaints on 504 services will follow the same process as for Special Education. This process is detailed in the North Sanpete Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual.