V-08: Enrollment of Non-Resident Students

North Sanpete School District 
Statement of .............

Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-8
Effective Date:   02/09/1999  
Revised Date:
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Subject: Enrollment of Non-Resident Students

Students whose parents do not reside in Utah must meet the registration requirements outlined below.

Registration requirements for students whose parents are not residents of the North Sanpete School District or of the State of Utah are as follows:

  1. All new students whose parents do not reside in North Sanpete School District must have a guardian that possesses an order establishing a Court Appointed Guardianship.
  2. The student's parent(s) or guardian(s) must complete the Application for Admission and submit it to the Student Services Coordinator.
  3. A conference with the student and his/her parents or the student and his/her substitute parents will be held with the District Pupil Services Coordinator to discuss the circumstances of the student and to review the Court-ordered Guardianship.
  4. The Student Services Coordinator will discuss the student's application and information from the previous school with the receiving principal before specific program agreements are made between the student and the school.
  5. The Student Services Coordinator will report the findings to the student and his/her parent(s) and/or Court-ordered Guardian.
  6. The same procedures apply to students who are in custody of the state; these students must enter with a Youth in Custody Intake Information Sheet.


A court appointed guardianship is a legal transfer of authority from parent(s) to guardian(s). While parent(s) may grant a power of attorney without involving any governmental entity, guardianship may only be awarded by a court or other authorized government body. So far as duration is concerned, guardianship remains in force until terminated as provided by law in Section 75-5-210, UCA 1995.


North Sanpete School District                                                                                                                  IN STATE (1/8/99)


Student’s Name  _________________________________________________ Phone_________________________________

Address  ________________________________________________________  Date of Birth __________________________

Parent’s (Mother) ________________________________________ (Father)_________________________________________

Parent’s Address _______________________________________________________________________________________           
                                Street                                                            City                                    UT                              Zip
Person(s) student lives with:  Name _________________________________________________________________________

Relationship (if any) to Student _____________________________________________________________________________

Local Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
                                Street                                                             City                                   UT                              Zip

Last School Attended _____________________________________________________ Grade Completed _______________

Previous School Address __________________________________________________ Phone _________________________

State briefly the reasons for wanting to enter North Sanpete School District: _____________________________________

Is this student in need of any Special Education programs?       Yes __________  No ___________

School student would like to attend: __________________________________________ School Year ____________________

Power of Attorney Medical Emergencies Form must accompany this application.

A copy of the student’s immunization record and current transcript of grades/credits must be attached before the application is considered complete.

I hereby grant my permission for the North Sanpete School District to discuss relevant information regarding the above named student with any agency involved with the student, including Juvenile Court, DCFS, and others.

____________________________________________________          ______________________________
Signature of Legal Guardian                                                                Date

Approval Granted _____________   

Approval Denied ______________  Reason:__________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________          ______________________________
Pupil Services Coordinator                                                                   Date

(The acceptance of a student into the North Sanpete School District does not automatically make the student eligible to participate in inter-school activities. The student should check with the Utah High School Activities association for his/her eligibility status.) 53Al-2-207(3)(a)

Date of Application ___________________________

Please check appropriate box:

 ___ Early Enrollment Period Transfer Application
(Submitted between December 1 and the third Friday in February in order to transfer the following school year.)

____ Year requested, 20______ 

Please check appropriate box:

____ Late Enrollment Period Transfer Application
(Submitted outside of the early enrollment period.)

Please check one and indicate the year requested:

____  Current year, 20_____
____  Next year, 20 _____

An enrolled nonresident student shall be permitted to remain enrolled, subject to the same rules and standards as resident students, without renewed applications in subsequent years unless any of the following occurs:

  • The student graduates or is no longer a Utah resident.
  • The student is suspended or expelled from school.
  • The district determines that school enrollment will exceed the open enrollment threshold.

Student Name ______________________________________________ Current Grade ___________ Student#_____________

Legal Address ______________________________________________ Phone__________________ Birthdate _____________

City _________________________________________________________ State ____________________ Zip_________________

Boundary School ______________________________________ Requested School ___________________________________
Current School ________________________________________ Reason for Request __________________________________

I understand that all transfer requests are contingent on early enrollment school capacity (“maximum capacity”) or late enrollment school capacity (“adjusted capacity”), special program limitations, staff availability, and/or circumstances under 53A-2-207(4)(c). If this request is granted, I agree that my child must remain at the requested school through the end of the requested school year. I understand that I, as parent or guardian, am responsible for transportation of my student to and from school. I understand that a student’s acceptance into a school or school district does not establish UHSAA (student athletic or activity) eligibility.

___________________________________________________   __________________________   _________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                            Home Phone                                Work Phone

Standard Open Enrollment:  _____ Approved     _____ Denied

Signature [of designated District official] ___________________________________________ Date ________________________


►A student may be denied an open enrollment opportunity if the student has been suspended or expelled from a public school consistent with 53A-2-208(3)(b).

Has the student ever been suspended or expelled from a public school? Yes No If yes, please explain: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

►A student with prior behavioral problems may be granted provisional enrollment provided the student and parent sign an agreement with the school or the school district (1) establishing the conditions of continued enrollment and (2) notifying the parents/student that the student will be excluded from the school if the agreement is violated. The school or school district is responsible for the agreement as allowed under Section 53A-2-208(3)(c).

Provisional Enrollment:  _____ Approved per attached agreement      _____ Denied

Signature [of designated District official] ___________________________________________ Date ______________________

Submit applications to: School/School District __________________________________________________________________
Contact Person’s Name _________________________________________________ Phone # ___________________________

        Utah State Office of Education | 250 East 500 South, P.O. Box 144200 | Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4100 | Rev. 7/23/08

For Emergency Medical Procedures

Parent or Court Appointed Guardian’s Part

Child(ren’s) full names:

_____________________________________________________     _______________________________________________

_____________________________________________________     _______________________________________________

Child(ren’s) home address:
Street                                                    City                                                 State                                              Zip

Telephone: ___________________________________________

I/We ____________________________________________________________________________________  hereby appoint
                                                                  Parent(s) Name(s)
________________________________________________________________________________________ to act jointly or
                                   (Full name(s) of person(s) being given Power of Attorney)
severally in our/my child(ren’s) behalf and perform any and all acts necessary as determined in his/her judgment for the health and welfare of our/my child(ren) including the agreement to hospitalization and/or consent for medical treatment, assistance and medical aid, psychological examination and assistance, of whatever nature, including surgery of any kind.

______________________________________________________     _______________________________________________
Parent Signature                                                                               Parent Signature

Subscribed and sworn to before me the ________ day of __________________________, 20____.

                                                                                                       Notary Public

My commission expires:_________________
Residing at: ___________________________ 

Substitute Parent Part

I/We ________________________________________________________________ hereby affirm that I/we accept power of
                     (Full name(s) of person(s) being given Power of Attorney)
attorney to act jointly or severally (as stated above) in behalf of:

Child(ren’s) full names:

______________________________________________________     _____________________________________________

______________________________________________________     _____________________________________________

______________________________________________________     _____________________________________________
Signature of Person Accepting Power of Attorney                           Signature of Person Accepting Power of Attorney

Subscribed and sworn to before me the ________ day of _________________________, 20 _____.

                                                                                                        Notary Public

My commission expires: ___________________
Residing at: _____________________________

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