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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-74
Effective Date:  02/09/1993
Revised Date:  11/08/2005
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Subject:  Under-age Family Members of Personnel on Activity Trip

The Board of Education accepts that it has responsibility to provide adequate supervision of all students participating in all school-sponsored activities. When these activities involve travel, that supervision requirement necessitates that teachers, coaches, advisors, and assigned supervisors have their full attention focused on the students during travel time as well as during the activity. Therefore, the following guidelines are established.


  1. Every school bus must have a teacher/coach/activity sponsor or other assigned staff member accompany the students to and from each activity.
  2. Teachers/coaches/activity sponsors or other assigned staff members may drive district vans or cars as needed to transport students to activities. Anyone driving district vehicles must pass the test required by the district transportation course.
  3. Children five (5) years of age as of September 1 or other family members may ride in district transportation on activity trips.
  4. Non-participates would be allowed to ride in district transportation based on availability of seating.