IV-17: Transfer of Certificated Employees

North Sanpete School District
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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV–17
Effective Date:  02/14/1989
Revised Date:  05/17/2016
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Subject:  Transfer of Certificated Employees

In facilitation of its efforts to provide for the children of the district the best educational program possible, the Board of Education must enjoy maximum flexibility in the transfer and reassignment of employees. Therefore, the Board reserves to itself complete authority for the transfer and reassignment of its teachers.


  1. Whenever a vacancy occurs in a school during the school year because of the resignation or retirement of an employee, the district administration shall hire a temporary replacement to complete the school year. At the end of the school year, the position will be reopened so current employees in the district may make application for the position.
  2. Whenever a vacancy is announced for the following school year, the district administration shall post a notice of such vacancy to employees through email and online for a period of not less than two calendar weeks.
  3. Current employees shall be invited to make application for announced vacancies. The for notice of each vacancy shall include the final date for accepting applications.
  4. Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, an employee may be transferred from one school to another.
  5. Any transfer of a teacher during the school year must be in good faith and for good reason and based upon actual conditions.
  6. Involuntary transfers may be made as needed.
  7. Transfers are not covered under the Grievance Policy, but may be appealed to the Superintendent to ensure number 5 above.

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