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Board Policy with Guidelines 

Policy Number:  IV-81
Effective Date:  09/16/2014
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Cell Phone Allowance

  1. North Sanpete School District recognized that the performance of certain job responsibilities may be enhanced by or may require the use of a cellular (cell) phone or a Smartphone. This policy will establish guidelines for the provision of a wireless communications allowance to employees who have documented business need for a communications device and continue to meet this need under the Eligibility Requirements section of this policy.
  2. This policy applies to all North Sanpete School District employees who will be receiving an allowance for their personnel cell phone.
    1. Employees who hold positions that include the need for a cell phone (see eligibility criteria below) may receive a cell phone allowance to compensate for business related costs incurred when using their individually owned cell phones. The District will not own cell phones for the use of individual employees except in limited situations (e.g. public safety, physical plant, on-call employees, or select supervision, etc.).
    1. Employees whose job duties include the frequent need for a cell phone may receive a monthly cell phone allowance, to cover business-related costs. An employee is eligible for a personal phone stipend if at least one of the following criteria is met: (Cellular Allowance Form must be completed).
      1. The job function of the employee requires considerable time outside of his/her assigned office or work area and it is important to the District that she/he is accessible during those times;
      2. The job function of the employee requires him/her to be accessible outside of scheduled or normal working hours where time sensitive decision/notifications are required;
      3.  The job function of the employee requires him/her to have wireless data and internet access; and/or
      4.  The employee is designated as the "first responder: to emergencies.
    1. If an employee meets the eligibility requirements for a cell phone, as outlined above, an allowance may be requested using the Cellular Phone Allowance Form. The allowance will be paid monthly. Annual Cell Phone Allowance Forms are required. An employee will only receive an allowance for the months she/he is under contract.
    2. The allowance will be paid as a flat rate per month, based on the selected service as outline below. The District will pay only the agreed upon amount.
    3. The allowance is neither permanent nor guaranteed. The District reserves the right to remove a participant from this plan and/or cancel the allowance for business reasons.
    4. The amount of the allowance will be determined based on the type of plan required of the employee's position to perform his or her job responsibilities (verification of corresponding cell plan is required). A tiered model based on the current market rates includes the following options:
      1. Voice only - $20.00 per month
      2. Voice & Text - $25.00 per month
      3. Voice, Text, & Data - $50.00 per month
    1. The District will not pay for the purchase of personal cell phones, citation fees or insurance.
    1. District administration and individual school principals are responsible for identifying employees who hold positions that include the need for a cell phone. Each principal is strongly encouraged to review whether a cellular device is necessary, and to select alternative means of communication, e.g., land-lines, pagers, and mobile radios- when such alternatives could provide adequate and less costly service to the District. Once identified and approved by the principals, the principal shall submit a list of the approved employees and the eligible requirement met (see IV above) to the Superintendent for final approval.
    2. Administrators are responsible for overseeing employee cell phone needs and assessing each employee's continued need of a cell phone for business purposes. The need for a cell phone allowance should be reviewed annually, to determine if existing cell phone allowances should be continues as-is, changed, or discontinued. Administrators must ensure quarterly that he approved employees maintain cell phone plans.
    3. Principals will approve employees in their schools. The Superintendent will have the final approval authority.
    4. Allowances are funded by the department/school submitting the request.
    1. The employee is responsible for purchasing a cell phone and establishing a service contract with the cell phone service provider of his/her choice. The cell phone contract is in the name of the employee, who is solely responsible for all payments to the service provider.
    2. Because the employee owns the cell phone personally the allowances provided is not considered taxable income and the employee may use the phone for both business and personal purposes, as needed. The employee may, at his or her own expense, add extra service or equipment features, as desired. If there are problems with service, the employee is expected to work directory with the carrier for resolution.
    3. Support from the district Information Technology (IT) Department is limited to connecting a personally owned cell phone or Smartphone to District provided services, including email, calendar, and contracts if deemed necessary and approved.
    4. An employee receiving a cell phone allowance must attach a copy of the most current access plan charges confirming they have a contract for the cell phone.
    5. The District does not accept any liability for claims, charges or disputes between the service provider and the employee. Use of the phone in any manner contrary to local, state, or federal laws may constitute misuse, and may result in immediate termination.
    6. Any cell phone that has data capabilities must be secured based on current security standards including password protection and encryption. If a cell phone with data capabilities is stolen or missing, it must be reported to the employee's supervisor, the wireless device service provider, and to IT as soon as possible.
    7. Employees are expected to delete all District data from the cell phone when their employment with the District is severed, except when required to maintain that data in compliance with litigation hold notice.
    1. Any allowance agreement will be immediately cancelled if:
      1. An employee receiving a cell phone allowance terminates employment with the District;
      2. The employee changes position within the District, which no longer requires the use of a cell phone for business reasons;
      3. There is misuse/misconduct with the phone;
      4. A decision by management (unrelated to employee misconduct) results in the need to end the program or there is a change in the employee's duties;
      5. The employee does not want to retain the current cell phone contract for personal purposes.