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Board Policy With Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-16
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:  10/12/2004
Revised Date:  09/17/2019
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Subject: Teacher Work Day                              


Teachers will be at work or professional development activities as required by their job description and the following guidelines.


  1. We acknowledge that teachers work at least a forty hour work week with the expectation that they be at school or in other assigned district activities from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, with the exception of Friday when teachers can leave at 3:00 pm or minimum contract days, when teachers are permitted to leave work following the dismissal of the students.
  2. Faculty/Staff meetings, professional development activities, parent conferences, and other assigned duties may require teachers to be at the school/training site later than stipulated in Guideline No. 1.
  3. Teachers have the responsibility to notify the school principal or supervisor immediately, when an emergency occurs that prevents the employee from being on the job. If circumstances of an emergency are dire enough that they prevent the teacher from doing so immediately, the teacher will notify the school principal or supervisor as soon as possible.
  4. Teachers are required to submit leave applications five (5) days prior to an anticipated absence, except in cases of genuine emergency as determined by the principal and superintendent.
  5. Teachers who absent themselves for the job without permission-except in cases of genuine emergency as determined by the principal and superintendent - are subject to disciplinary action. Said action may include termination, loss of pay and benefits, probation, or referral to the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee.
  6. Teachers who repeatedly leave the job early or arrive late may have the time absent from the job deducted from their pay. Repeated violations will result in a conference with a supervisor. If the behavior persists, disciplinary action may be taken and could include probationary status and/or
  7. In case of emergency - such as natural disasters - or in some cases of assignment - such as parent meetings or school activities - teachers may be required to remain on the job later than the stated workday. These are professional duties and teachers will not generally receive extra pay.
  8. With the approval of the principal, on days teachers are required to return to the school for evening activities, they may be allowed to leave work on the day of the scheduled evening activity after their teaching responsibilities have been completed.
  9. As salaried employees, teachers may be asked to attend professional development training outside the school day or regular school year. If teachers are asked to attend PD outside the regular school day and year, teachers will receive additional pay at a professional development rate for attending the sessions. District and school administration will make every effort to keep required professional development during regular contract hours.