IV-19: Substitute Teachers / Employees

North Sanpete School District
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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-19
Effective Date:  02/10/1998
Revised Date:
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Subject: Substitute Teachers / Employees

When substitute teachers/employees are needed, the best qualified person for the specific assignment will be employed.


  1. The assistant administrator for personnel shall annually develop a list of names of approved substitute teachers/employees. This list shall be distributed to each principal the beginning of each school year.
  2. Upon notification of the need for a substitute teacher/employee, the principal shall make the arrangement for the substitute.
  3. It is expected that the substitute teacher will conduct the lesson as outlined by the regular teacher, and he/she will also assume the supervision duties of the regular teacher.
  4. The regular teacher shall have available, for the substitute teacher, reasonable lesson plans and information about the class organization.
  5. At the conclusion of the day, the substitute teacher should provide a written summary of the day's activities for the regular teacher. If, the substitute teaches for more than one day, the summary should include the period of time that the substitute teaches.
  6. The substitute pay shall be established by the Board of Education.
  7. Substitutes will be considered long-term when they have filled in for the same, contracted employee for six or more consecutive weeks. The rate for a long-term substitute teacher will be twice the rate that substitute would normally make. In the case of a long-term substitute filling in for a classified employee, the substitute's hourly pay will be the first step on the classified employee's lane on the salary schedule. The rate for a long-term substitute will be paid retroactively, with the difference made-up for the first six weeks in the pay period the sixth week is worked.

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