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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-38
Effective Date:  02/10/1998
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Special Paid Leave of Absence

This Special Paid Leave is a privilege and not a right. At the discretion of the Superintendent or Board of Education, employees may be granted special paid leave.


  1. Leave to care for necessary civic or church responsibilities, and leave due to genuine family emergencies.
  2. Personnel who are serving in these civic and church positions must recognize that their primary responsibility is to the North Sanpete School District.
  3. This special paid leave is limited to no more than 3 days per school year (excepting Jury Duty) and is not cumulative. This leave will be subtracted from the employee's accumulated sick leave benefits except in the case of Jury Duty for which no days will be subtracted.
  4. Requests for special paid leave must be submitted to the principal for his recommendation on a district leave form. The employee, with the help and approval of the supervisor or principal, must make arrangements for a suitable and acceptable substitute.
  5. Special paid leave will not be granted for days immediately prior to or following vacation or holidays, except in cases of emergency. In case there is a question regarding the emergency nature, the Principal and/or the Superintendent will make the decision.
  6. Special paid leave will not be granted when, in the opinion of the Superintendent, such a leave will create hardships for students or other employees.
  7. It is recognized that there may be emergency and extenuating circumstances which have not been described in the above policy and in these cases the Superintendent or the Board may decide to grant special paid leave benefits.