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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-15
Effective Date:  09/12/2006
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Recruitment, Hiring, and Appointment of Teachers

The North Sanpete School Board recognizes its responsibility to provide the children of the district with the best educational program possible. Pursuant to this responsibility, recruitment and selection of new teachers will be made from well qualified individuals who will provide a quality educational experience.


  1. The Board directs the superintendent and personnel director to recruit, hire, and appoint teachers as needed in the North Sanpete School District.
  2. All vacancies that cannot be filled by previously-hired district employees, as directed in the Transfer of Teachers Policy, will be widely advertised using media that is commonly known to teachers.
  3. The criteria for determining a prospective teacher's qualifications are:
    1. Possession of a current professional certification issued by the Utah State Board of Education for the level and subject matter or program in which the vacancy exists.
    2. Skills and competencies required for the vacancy.
    3. Recommendations from past employers and/or college instructors. At least three references should be checked for all experienced teachers. The Placement File from the college or university issuing the degree must be on hand for new teachers.
    4. Teaching experience.
    5. Personal interview.
  4. All selections will be made on a "best qualified" basis, and without discrimination based on race, religion, sex, or handicap.
  5. Candidates for vacancies shall be interviewed. The interview committee will consist of the Personnel Director, who will be chairman of the committee; the principal of the school where the vacancy occurs, and other teachers. The Personnel Director will make arrangements for the interview and the evaluation of the applicant as a result of the interview.
  6. Once the selection committee makes a decision, the individual selected will be given a letter of appointment that will outline the terms of the contract of employment by the district personnel director or the superintendent.
  7. At each Board meeting, the personnel director or superintendent will present all names of individuals hired for teaching positions since the last Board meeting. This presentation will be for purposes of information.
  8. Non-certificated individuals will only be employed on an emergency basis. Those who are hired under this guideline will hold a temporary status until either they fulfill the state certification requirements or a qualified replacement is hired. A Letter of Authorization will be obtained from the State Office of Education before a contract is entered into with a non-certificated individual.