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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV–62
Effective Date:  08/10/1993
Revised Date:  03/19/2019
Revised Date:  06/18/2019
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Subject: Professional Improvement


The Board recognizes the value of a competent, up to date, professionally trained teaching staff. This policy is intended to support certified teachers’ continued professional growth in ways that support district needs.

Professional Development

  1. North Sanpete School District may provide an optional professional development conference (NSPD Conference) for certified staff (teachers).
  1. North Sanpete School District teachers will work a 185 day contract with two days (one in fall and one in spring) for district Professional Learning Communities (PLC) / Implementation to accomplish the following:
    1. District PLCs (all teachers who teach the same or similar state standards) will discuss common assessment data (identify what works best) for each Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC – key concepts all students must master) each year.
    2. District PLCs will develop best practice interventions / enrichments for students, in collaboration with coaches and administrators, based on the data discussed for each GVC.
    3. Elementary PLCs will discuss common assessment data (identify what works best) after interventions for each GVC each year.
    4. District PLCs will prepare an annual schedule to meet the above requirements before the start of each school year.
  2. Teachers are encouraged to share successes, research, ideas, teaching strategies and lesson plans; also create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) goals, and collaborate with other PLC teams, all as determined by each PLC group.
    1. District PLCs will determine how long to meet on these days through consensus, with the remainder of the day spent implementing the plans developed in each PLC.
    2. These days will be used to improve student growth and success.
    3. Each teacher will report student success, as measured by common assessments, directly to their principal.
    4. No mandated meetings from principals or administration will be held on these days.

North Sanpete School District will use up to one instructional day, mid-year (R277-419) for Professional Development.  This day will be used for PLC / Implementation as described above, as much as possible.

Endorsements & Lane Changes

  1. In order to receive lane changes on the salary schedule for additional credits earned, the teacher must present to the Assistant Administrator / Personnel, evidence that additional units have been completed by August 15 for a salary adjustment or lane change for that school year.
  2. Accredited university / college credits and/or credits approved by the State Board of Education shall be approved for lane changes, but only after the employee has been awarded a college degree AND teacher certification. Employees should only submit credits completed since the most recent lane assignment or lane change.
  3. The district will set aside up to $10,000 per year to help teachers with college expenses that meet district needs. Currently certified, returning teachers may receive tuition reimbursement up to $1,000 per school year per teacher for credit earned with a B grade or better under the following conditions:
    1. The Assistant Superintendent/Personnel must approve prior to the start of the college course.
    2. Endorsements or courses that are encouraged by NSSD may be reimbursed for 50% of the tuition cost include, but are not limited to:
      1. Elementary Reading Endorsement
      2. Elementary Math Endorsement
      3. English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement
      4. Secondary Endorsements (likely needed in NSSD within 5 years)
    3. Additional endorsements for already certified teachers, required by NSSD for employment, may be reimbursed for 75% of tuition cost. Teachers must continue employment with NSSD for three years after the reimbursement or refund a prorated portion of the reimbursement. * except endorsements under category c. with pre-approved extenuating circumstances
    4. Credit reimbursed by NSSD will qualify for lane change credit on the salary schedule.
    5. Teachers requesting tuition reimbursement will complete the “Request for Tuition Reimbursement” form with Assistant Superintendent / Personnel written approval before starting qualifying coursework. Teachers will submit transcripts and the completed “Request for Tuition Reimbursement” form to the school board secretary by August 1st each year for reimbursement and lane change credit.

This procedure is to accompany
and support NSSD Policy IV-62........ 

Procedure Number:  IV–62
Effective Date:  08/01/2019
Revised Date:  

Subject: Professional Development Disbursements

NSSD District Practice

Teacher Student Success Account (TSSA) and other professional development (PD) funding will be used as follows:

1 – Ten percent of the total NSSD TSSA allocation will be used for PD.  Each school will be given its proportional share of the budget.  To reduce the burden on schools, the North Sanpete Professional Development conference PD pay and other district sponsored principal approved conference cost will be subtracted from each school’s allocation.

2 - TSSA / PD funds will pay for certified employee conferences and training in support of school improvement plans to cover expenses (conference registration, travel, lodging, per diem, etc.).  Principals need to prioritize requests within existing budgets.  Trainings may include the annual URSA Conference, subject specific conferences, district supported conferences such as PLC conferences, schoolwide initiatives, etc.

3 – Teachers are exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Acts and are paid a salary to complete their contract, including “extra duties as assigned” (which may include travel time to training on contract days, faculty meetings extending beyond contract hours, etc.). Teachers therefore do not submit a time card or receive additional compensation for extra duties as assigned on contract days.  

4 – When training is needed to fulfill the teacher’s contract, the principal will determine with the teacher(s) how to best accomplish the training.  Teachers may attend these required training on contract days, that are both requested and mandated by their principal, with prior approval from the assistant superintendent or superintendent.  Teachers are paid full contract pay for training they are required to attend on contract days.

5 – Certified employees receive professional development pay for up to two days of the NSPD Conference.  Teachers may also receive professional development pay for training on non-contract days that is both requested and mandated by their principal, with prior approval from the assistant superintendent or superintendent.

6 – Additionally, teachers can attend any training they would like on their own time, at their own expense. 


North Sanpete School District

Request for Tuition Reimbursement

Teacher: _____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

School: ______________________________________________ Grade/Subject: ____________________

Endorsement Requested: _________________________________________________________________

University of Enrollment: ________________________________________________________________

Credit cost per hour or course:

Number of hours or courses for endorsement:

Reimbursement Rate:

Total Reimbursement Cost:

Type of Endorsement Requested:

          * Encouraged by NSSD (50%) ESL _________________________________________________

                                                           Elem Reading _____________________________________________

                                                          Elem Math ________________________________________________

                                                          Other (list endorsement) _____________________________________

         * Required by NSSD (75%) List Endorsement(s) _______________________________________

_____________________________________________________        ____________________________
Teacher Signature                                                                                                         Date

_____________________________________________________        ____________________________
Assistant Superintendent/Personnel                                                                     Date