IV-02: Personnel Records Certificated

North Sanpete School District
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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-2
Effective Date:  08/25/1983
Revised Date:  12/04/2018
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Subject: Personnel Records Certificated


The Assistant Administrator/Personnel will keep a personnel file for each teacher. Copies of all formal evaluations are to be placed in this file as well as other items which bear upon the teacher's discharge of his/her professional duties. Such items may include certification records, transcripts, recommendations, commendations, and the records of disciplinary proceedings. The file shall be considered confidential and discretion shall be used in the handling of the teacher's personal records.


  1. The Assistant Administrator will notify the teacher of the addition of any materials to his/her personal file.
  1. The teacher may include a written response to any materials in his/her file.

  2. The teacher may also submit materials for placement in the file.

  3. The teacher may request access to his/her personal file upon a written request to the Superintendent or the Assistant Administrator/ Personnel.
  1. Upon the teacher's request, materials from this file will be provided to a representative so designated by the teacher, such as an association representative, legal representative, etc.
  1. Materials in the file which are more than five years old may be removed upon the teacher's request.
  1. The principal may also keep a file for each teacher. The provisions of the guidelines of this personnel policy also apply to the principal's file.

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