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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-31
Effective Date:  09/09/2003
Revised Date:  12/04/2018
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Subject: Pay Periods, Payroll and Deductions


All personnel employed regularly, either full or part time, shall be paid according to a specific schedule determined annually. Except for deductions from salary required by law or those for absence not covered by a paid leave, all deductions from salary will be subject to Board approval.


  1. Personnel will be entered on the payroll and pay will accrue from the date of reporting for duty except as specified by the superintendent.
  1. Pay day will be the last business day of each month. There shall be no salary advances. The required method of pay for all employees shall be a direct deposit to the employees' bank accounts.
  1. An employee will give written notice to the payroll department to institute, change or terminate a salary deduction by the 15th of the month. Pay for extra work shall be requested monthly by the submission of vouchers by employees in accordance with instructions from the payroll office.
  1. The school district recognizes that many of the employees' contracts are for the academic year. Nevertheless, employees are paid on a twelve-month basis so that the employee may have an income throughout the year.