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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV–37
Effective Date:  08/25/1983
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Military Leave

The reserve units of the Nation's Armed Forces as well as National Guard Units are essential to the preservation of the American democratic society. Employees of the school district may, at their own discretion, become a part of these military units.


  1. It is expected that an employee who is attached to a reserve type military unit of the armed forces of the United States will have as his/her first employment priority their contracted obligation to the school district.
  2. It is recognized that during an emergency that such employees may be called to temporary full-time duty of their respective units.
  3. When a prolonged national emergency requires the full-time service of the employee so that the employee cannot complete his/her contracted agreement, the employee may receive a leave of absence without pay for the period of the national emergency.
    1. Every attempt will be made to permit this employee to return to the same or a similar assignment.
    2. The employee must return to the employment of the school district at the beginning of the school year following his/her separation from the service.
  4. During the period of the contract, am employee may be granted leave for summer camp or for short-term emergencies national or state. The amount of pay that the employee receives from the service unit for this full-time service shall be deducted from the employee's salary. This pay shall be determined on a daily basis. The employee shall let the clerk/treasurer know the amount that is to be deducted two weeks prior to the affected payday.
  5. The provisions of this policy are provided only for full-time regular employees.