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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-80
Effective Date:  03/23/2010
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Extracurricular Advisors, Coaches, and Sponsors

The District retains individuals to advise, coach, and sponsor extra-curricular activities pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Utah Administrative Code, and the following District Administrative rules. All activity advisors, coaches, and sponsors are at-will employees and have no expectation to continues employment year to year.


  1. Volunteers - An individual may volunteer as an advisor, sponsor, or coach of an extra-curricular activities under the following conditions:
    1. The volunteer must perform hours of service without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for the service rendered. Although volunteers cannot be paid for their service they can be reimbursed for approved expenses and can receive a nominal fee so long as the meet they certification requirement listed below.
      1. A nominal fee is currently interpreted under the FLSA as not exceeding 20% of what the District would otherwise pay to hire an individual to advise, sponsor, or coach the activity, according to the Extracurricular Activities pay formula defined by the district activity salary schedule.
    2. The volunteer must offer his/her services freely and without coercion, direct or implied, from the District.
    3. The volunteer must not be otherwise employed by the district to perform the same service as those for which he/she proposes to volunteer. Thus, individuals may qualify as volunteers if the volunteers perform different services in the extracurricular activity than they are employed to perform in their primary position(s) with the District.
  2. Use of District Employees who are Non-Exempt under FLSA - Non-exempt employees are those whose primary position entitles them to overtime pay if they work over 40 hours in a workweek.  Examples of non-exempt positions include secretary, paraprofessional, tracker, school lunch worker, and custodial/maintenance workers.  District employees in non-exempt positions may advise, coach, or sponsor an extracurricular activity only if they volunteer.   Non exempt employees may not be employed in an extracurricular assignment with the promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation.
  3. Use of District Employees who are Exempt under the FLSA - Exempt employees are those whose primary position with the District does not entitle them to overtime pay even if they work over 40 hours in a workweek. Examples of exempt positions include teacher, principal, counselors, accountant, director, and supervisor.  As an alternative to volunteering, advisor, sponsors, and coaches who are District employees in exempt positions may be employed in an extracurricular assignment and receive a stipend as compensation pursuant to District policy and activity salary schedules.
  4. Use of Individuals who are not District Employees - As an alternative to volunteering, individuals who are not District employees may be employed to advise, sponsor or coach extracurricular activities and may receive a stipend as compensation pursuant to District policy and salary schedules.
  5. Declaration of Volunteer or Employee status for Athletic Coaches - Prior to the season and before the coaching roster is submitted to the District the Principal and Athletic Director will verify whether each athletic coach listed is a volunteer or an employee and will designate amounts of any nominal fees or stipends to be remitted at the end of the season. Once the roster  is submitted prior to the season, the status (“volunteer” versus “employee”) of an athletic coach may not be changed unless new circumstances would cause a conflict with other provisions of these rules.
  6. Qualifications and Certifications - Any individual receiving any compensation, remuneration, or gift with monetary value as a result of service as an advisor, sponsor or coach (whether employee or volunteer) must hold all required qualifications and certifications. In addition to those receiving stipends as employees, this requirement applies to volunteer coaches receiving nominal fees,reimbursement, or gifts with monetary value.
  7. Background Checks Required - All advisors, sponsors, or coaches— whether receiving compensation or volunteering—must undergo and pass a criminal background check prior to working with students.