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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-46
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:  03/17/2015
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Subject:  Classified Employee Evaluation Policy  

The purpose of the North Sanpete School District Classified Evaluation Program is to recognize quality performance and promote professional growth for classified employees in the district.

Classified Employee:  an individual employed by the District who is not required to hold a professional license issued by the state board of education.

Career classified employee:  a contract classified employee with three or more years in the district that has a reasonable expectation of continued employment under the policies of the Board.  (i.e., employees that qualify for medical benefits)

Provisional classified employee:  a classified employee who has not achieved status as a career employee within the District. (all employees in their first three years)

At-will employee:  a classified employee that works part-time, or less than 180 days per year (see NSSD Policy IV-69).  At-will employees do not have a right to continued employment, which means they do not have due process rights regarding termination of employment (i.e., TA, employees that do not qualify for medical benefits).

Components of the Evaluation Program

  1. Systematic evaluation procedures for Career, provisional and at-will employees.
  2. Meeting with supervisor during the first month of the school year, to review the job description, set goals, define formative or summative year and outline any needed improvement.
  3. For all classified employees, a minimum of two formative assessments per year (documented on approved forms), accompanied by follow-up discussions with supervisor if improvement is needed. Additional formative evaluation forms must be approved by the department(s) affected, the association leadership and district administration.  When any employee receives a “below standard” evaluation, the administrator will be notified by the supervisor.
  4. For provisional employees, a summative evaluation every year, including a follow-up discussion with administrator/supervisor.
  5. For career and at-will employees with more than three years of uninterrupted district experience, a summative evaluation the year prior to a scheduled step increase, including a follow-up discussion with administrator/ supervisor.
  6. Valid and reliable data from district approved formative evaluation tools.
    • Observation of work performance
    • Results of employees work
    • Patron, peer and supervisor input


Goal setting meeting – supervisor will meet with each classified employee to review their job description, outline any needed improvement and set goals using the goal setting form. First month of school (ask employee to come prepared with goals)
Formative Evaluation - each classified employee’s supervisor will provide at least two written formative assessments per year and discuss any needed improvement. Complete one each semester (at least a month prior to summative evaluation)
Summative evaluation – supervisors will complete a summative evaluation form for all provisional classified employees annually, non-provisional employees every five years, and review the document with the employee. Completed by the end of the contract year (non-renewal notification not later than April 30th)

Classified Employee’s Eligibility for a Wage Increase
A classified employee may not receive an annual increase in hourly wage if the employee’s rating on the summative evaluation is approaching standard or below standard (less than 3.0), unless the employee:

  1. is a provisional classified employee; or
  2. is in the first year of an assignment (including a new position, or school)

Due Process for Summative Evaluation
A classified employee who is not satisfied with a summative evaluation has fifteen (15) days after receiving the written evaluation to request a review of the evaluation.  

If a review is requested, the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee shall review the formative evaluations and other relevant evidence and make a recommendation.

Deficiency and Remediation – Process for Career Employees
At-will and provisional employees will be notified of deficiencies and given a chance to improve, but not necessarily afforded the entire process outlined below.

The supervisor shall give a Career Classified employee whose performance is approaching standard (2-2.99) or below standard (0-1.99) a written document clearly identifying a plan of assistance that includes:

  1. specific, measurable, and actionable deficiencies
  2. available resources that will be provided for improvement, and
  3. a recommended course of action to improve the employee’s performance.

At least two formative evaluations will be provided during the remediation period.  The classified employee will be given up to 120 days to meet the required standard, documented via a new summative evaluation, but no pay increase will be implemented until the following school year (total years on pay scale will not be affected).  Remediation may continue into the next school year, but not exceed 120 calendar days during the employment period.

The classified employee is responsible for improving his or her performance, including using any resources identified by the District, and demonstrating acceptable levels of improvement in the designated areas of deficiencies.  Remediation is not available if the classified employee’s unsatisfactory performance was documented for the same deficiency within the previous three years and a plan of assistance was implemented.

An employee whose performance is unsatisfactory may not be transferred to another school unless the school board specifically approves the transfer of the employee.

NSSD Approved Annual Evaluation Forms:
Classified Employee Goal Setting Form
Classified Employee Summative Evaluation Form

NSSD Approved Formative Evaluation Forms:
District Library Media Aides Yearly Evaluations
Classified Personnel Appraisal
Food Service Program Personnel Appraisal
Building Evaluation for Custodial Service
Check Ride Evaluation
Bus Driver Physical Performance Task Evaluation
Teacher Assistant Evaluation Rubric
Teaching Assistant Evaluation (Matrix)
Teaching Assistant Evaluation (list)
Playground Maintenance Checklist